1.03 billion! E-HKUST won the largest single alumni donation in history

Huaxi Dushi Bao (Reporter Li Huan) single donation 1.03 billion yuan! September 21 afternoon, the University of Electronic Science and Technology 1986 alumnus Xiong Xinxiang donated 1.03 billion yuan to the school, the money will be used to set up “Boone Education Development Fund.”

“I am a University of Electronic Science and Technology are plants and trees have feelings, whenever I recall my college time feel very warm!” Xiong Xinxiang said his alma mater in his mind to occupy a very important position. Xiong Xincheng was admitted into the electrical semiconductor physics in 1986. “I spent four years in the University of Electronic Science and Technology, in addition to professional, most of the time in philosophy.” He said, “that four years of thought tortured, created after my thought leap.Philosophy taught me through the phenomenon of nature, Now look at the future.

Xiong Xinxiang is currently working in the Internet industry, after graduating from college has moved to Panzhihua and Shenzhen, Chongqing, the last root, in the entrepreneurial path and the “philosophy” forged a bond.

It is understood that, “Boone Education Development Fund” is divided into “Principal Fund” and “Boen Cross-disciplinary Innovation and Development Fund.” Among them, the “Bonn Interdisciplinary Innovation and Development Fund” total amount of 1 billion yuan, the establishment of various special funds to support the University of Electronic Science and Technology in environmental protection, food safety, large data and industry and financial integration, business training and other fields across Subject innovation and development. Electronic Science and Technology President Li Yanrong academician, said the school will donate alumni every penny for the community to cultivate more talents, make greater contribution.

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