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Japan and South Korea signed a military intelligence protection agreement to share North Korea’s military intelligence

According to Xinhua News Agency, Japan and South Korea 14th in Tokyo, initialed the “Military Intelligence Protection Agreement.” The four-year military agreement, once formally signed, Japan and South Korea will be able to directly share, including North Korea’s nuclear, guided, etc., without having to go through the US military intelligence.

Japanese media reported that the same day in the “Military Intelligence Protection Agreement” affairs-level consultations, the two sides reached a substantial consensus. After the completion of their domestic approval procedures, the two sides are expected to formally signed the agreement within this year.

Japan ‘s Chief Cabinet, said the day in a routine press conference, in response to the DPRK nuclear issue, Japan and South Korea to carry out cooperation is essential. Japan is willing to further

Japan and South Korea to promote security cooperation, including the early formal signing of the “Military Intelligence Protection Agreement.”

According to Yonhap news agency, the South Korean Defense Ministry said in the same day that the release of information, flexible use of Japanese intelligence capabilities, can safeguard the security interests of South Korea. The agreement will provide practical assistance to South Korea in obtaining North Korean submarine-launched ballistic missile intelligence.

According to South Korean media reports, the initial agreement from the South Korean government announced the resumption of negotiations with the Japanese only ten days, there are public criticism of the South Korean government to bypass public opinion, “surprise.” The Republican opposition Democratic Party, the National Party and the Justice Party deny the signing of the agreement and submit a resolution calling for an interruption of the agreement, and warned that once the government signed the agreement, it would promote the impeachment or dismissal of the Secretary of Defense.

At present, Japan, the United States, South Korea and the United States were concluded between the “Military Information Protection Agreement.” In 2012 the South Korean government had planned to sign with Japan, “military intelligence protection agreement”, but forced by strong domestic opposition, in the day of emergency stop. The end of October this year, South Korea announced and Japan to restart the “Military Intelligence Protection Agreement” negotiations.

According to the end of 2014 the three countries signed an information sharing agreement, the North Korean nuclear and guided intelligence can be shared through the United States. After the signing of the Agreement on Military Intelligence Protection, the two sides can quickly share information without going through the United States.

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The New Zealand government urges residents affected by the tsunami to move to a safe area

WELLINGTON, November 14 (Xinhua) The New Zealand government urged the affected East Coast of South Island and the capital of Wellington, which is located at the southern tip of the North Island, after the 7.5-magnitude quake struck New Zealand’s South Island and triggered a tsunami. Residents, especially those living in low-lying areas, move to high or safe areas.

Acting New Zealand Minister of Civil Defense Gary Brownlie held a press conference early in the morning to confirm the earthquake and frequent aftershocks caused by the loss of people and property. However, due to the specific figures need to wait for the region reported, civil defense departments have not yet the exact number of casualties.

In the highest magnitude of 6.2 after a series of aftershocks, the South Island East Coast tourist town of Kaikula a residential collapsed, one missing. The first wave of the tsunami has reached the town, waves about 2 meters.

In addition, other areas of the South Island East Coast will also be hit by the tsunami, when the waves up to 5 meters. Affected by the earthquake, Kaikoura, Hanmer Springs and the epicenter of the nearest town of Calverton current power supply disruption.

Wellington and the South Island’s largest city, Christchurch, designated schools and other public facilities as a temporary placement center open to the public, South Island main highway closed, Wellington railway system outage. The Government advised the public not to enter the city the same day, temporarily stay at home waiting for the notice.

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Shaanxi enterprises not to complete the performance of employees in public eating live bread worms

Hanzhong City, labor inspection department said that this is a corporal punishment, is an offense

What are the penalties for non-performance of employees? Recently, Hanzhong decoration by the 10 building materials, home furnishing companies set up a sales alliance resorted to trick: to complete the self-set goals, public life to live bread worms, with red wine.

Site: five or six employees to accept punishment to eat insects

At 8:30 on November 8, in the central square of downtown Hanzhong, fifty or sixty uniforms wearing a yellow vest, holding the advertising page of the young men and women together, next to a speaker and also placed more than 10 ads brand. Each person has a stack of publicity in the hands of color pages, which read “one-stop shop to buy building materials, home”, “two-person free travel to Thailand,” and so forth.

Soon, a man wearing glasses arrived on the scene, and brought two plastic bags, one containing disposable chopsticks, cups and two bottles of white wine; and another bag, opened only to find a pile is also In the peristalsis of the breadworm. Point name, the man announced the completion of the objectives and tasks of the staff list.

Then the man took out the white wine poured into the cup, with chopsticks into the white glass of bread worms. Unfinished business performance of the staff will be a bubble of bread into the mouth of the liquor. When the announcement came to a pregnant female staff approached the “punishment”, the woman said, “I can not eat insects, wine can not drink, unless you do not want a child.

See women do not want to drink, a leading appearance of the man approached for her to drink a bubble of white wine. At this time, onlookers more and more people, many people have come up with a cell phone photographed this scene. A total of five or six people in turn drink the insects of white wine, accept the punishment.

Staff: had also eaten raw squid, ants

Site wearing a yellow vest staff said that they 10 home building materials company set up a “love family alliance”, every morning they have to report the day the amount of tasks, if the day can not be completed, the next afternoon will be punished. “Today (8th) is raw breadworm, less a customer, eat four bread worms. Bread worms are bought in the bird market.” Another employee said that eating bread worms is only part of the punishment, “Before we have someone Eat raw squid, ants. ”

“The staff did not complete the self-set sales targets, I have a responsibility, it should be punished.” One of the merchants responsible for eating bread worms because we did not complete the task, but all are voluntary punitive, which is a Special incentives.

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Unmarried woman in Nanning, said maintenance of the uterus was more than 70-year-old male technician molested

One after 90 unmarried woman, claiming to go to Nanning a Yangshengtang hand, was a male technician recommended to do “Palace cold” physical therapy, and 7 times before and after the other hand to pull the lower body, until the last kiss, she found Not right. Involved male technician argued that only for the treatment of “Palace cold”, the top press the Du meridian (Note: perineum), and opened some oral powder. Yangshengtang boss frankly, involved in the male technician without medical qualifications, in accordance with the provisions of the store, do physiotherapy, the lower body near the site is not allowed to bare and touch,



Treatment of hand injuries were diagnosed “Palace cold”

(A pseudonym), is a secondary school graduates in the region, in order to realize the dream of college, earlier this year, she came to work in Nanning from his hometown, while preparing for October this year, the adult college entrance examination. A work, the small accidentally hand sprain, although the film did not hurt, but every sudden change in the weather, the joints are always aching.

In a friend’s recommendation, by the end of September, she came to Nanning Liangqing District as the three areas of jade pot Yangshengtang to seek help. Sit the old technician surnamed cow, more than 70 years old, in a friend’s mouth, the old technician quite capable. At first, small really is with respect to the heart away, but now in addition to hate, no good opinion.

“I did not expect a grandfather generation, actually make such a thing.” Small really, cattle technician treatment of hand pain is the dressing, to stay in the health museum one or two hours. Later, she was diagnosed as “Palace cold”, the need for uterine maintenance, or even after the children are difficult, when she was afraid, “cattle technician said the treatment is not complicated, some oral powder, each time in the abdomen Some drugs, adhere to a course of treatment can be. In the treatment of bad not charge promise, small really started the first physical therapy.

“Small beginning, the two entered the massage room alone, according to each other’s request, slipped pants in the abdominal dressing, then, the cow technician did some of the Regular massage movements, but do not know when, the other actually inserted into her lower body fingers.



Explain why tolerance has been repeated

Because the feeling was humiliated, small really conscious no face in Nanning, now, she has booked 8 November ticket, ready to “escape”. Before she left, the reporter and her had a face-to-face dialogue, trying to solve the incident some ordinary people difficult to understand the problem.

Reporter: an unmarried girl, why would tolerate such behavior?

Small really: was said to be seriously ill, the first is anxious to cure.

Reporter: Why is the second time to go, but also to each other to do such a thing?

Small really: the other is the grandfather of the generation, but also a doctor, had a little trust.

Reporter: before and after 7 times, once did not question?

Small really: not without question, but this kind of thing, inconvenience to ask people, the last few times as “inertia” went.

Reporter: why the 7th found the exception?

Small really: At that time, he held me head pro, struggling, I suddenly understood what happened before.

Reporter: Why do not you alarm?

Xiao Zhen: I do not want to let too many people know this.



Micro message recording exposes the negotiation process

The last time out from the Yangshengtang, small really alone in the rental house for a few days, and finally she made a decision: can not just forget it. Small really said that the beginning, made a WeChat to the boss to discuss health Yangshengtang, but she felt the other side is quiet.

Reporters in the micro-micro-message chat to see the record, Yangshengtang boss first made cattle technician face to face apology, and to ensure that no such thing happened; Finally, look at small really still Buyiburao, the boss said he was caught in the middle of a difficult man.

Repeated negotiations failed, early November, the small really directly to the cattle technician call. Small really provides the call records and recording, cattle technician said he was not in Nanning, Anhui has resigned back home, and finally even the phone does not pick up.

Small really said that nearly a month of rights, has let her exhausted, to the media broke the news of the main purpose is to make the event public, so that young women beware of more, no longer like her foolish after the rights.



Technician behavior is indeed non-compliance

For small really tell, jade pot Yangshengtang how to respond? November 7 afternoon, the reporter went to the store. Coincidentally, before that has been resigned to the home of cattle technician, just work in the store.

“Everything I do is to save the need for treatment.” Cattle technician said he did have to do small really “Palace cold” physical therapy, but did not kiss her, but did not pull off its lower body. In accordance with his program, each time to do physical therapy, must top by Du points, this point is located in the perineum, after the hands of sticky mucus, are deposited in the abdominal drug seepage to the concoction.

According to the cow technician, his behavior is in the treatment of patients, but health museum boss frankly, cattle technician without medical qualifications. The boss said, the shop technician according to the sensitive parts to obtain the consent of the guests, and the presence of two, in addition to the provisions of the shop, near the lower body parts, is not allowed to bare and touch, Du channel in the prohibited range.

The boss said that he is not the direct party to the incident, if the guests feel obscene, you can call the police, or through legal channels to resolve disputes.

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Dongguan, Guangdong “chase smashing armored vehicles were killed” incident to investigate

Men holding brick smashing armored vehicles were escorted by the case of shooting, causing sustained social concern.

According to the Mayor of Dongguan Changan government issued a circular –

At 12:06 on October 27 Xu, 110 received the alarm, said: an armored car was a man smashed glass.

It is understood that the implementation of an armored car escort mission Wu Sha Xing Road, near the junction, was a man Hwang (Jiangxi) with stones, cement blocks and other objects to chase the vehicle, resulting in vehicle damage to the glass.

Car guards repeatedly discouraged invalid, the shooting caused the injured fell to the ground. Hwang 120 by the scene died.

Chengdu Business Daily chief reporter Liu Mu-wood from Dongguan, Guangdong

Dongguan, “Guangdong four tigers,” the first, the world factory, migrant workers gathered.

Walking in the streets of Dongguan City Changan Town Ushuan South Road, random intercept, asked any one passers-by, he often will tell you, “I am a stranger.”

October 27, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Changan Town, occurred with the “Yunxian car guards shot and killed a man smashed car” case. The man named Huang Wulin, a rubber bullets, took his life.

This is a habit of “good news do not report” people, is ready to break the people in Dongguan.

As Huang Wulin last resort restaurant is located west of the incident, Huang Wulin leave the restaurant, or may follow the Wu Sha Huan South Road from west to east, and the armored car “friction”, and then from east to west all the way chasing Smashing.

Huang Wulin and Dongguan Chun An escort Co., Ltd. For the first time in contact with the truck is a crossroads, where the East Zhen – Rong Road, West for the Wu Sha South Road, South Road for the five – .

His character

“Stubborn, everything must be separated from right or wrong”

Jiangxi Province Shangrao City Guangfeng District, there are 30,000 wood carvings. Huang Qing is such a carpenter, he bought in the city, covered two pavement, four and a half floors. Huang Qing feel that the family business alone, a person can be based in the local foot.

Huang Qing has a “sensible” son, named Huang Wulin, “from small to large, never reach out to me to pay a penny.”

Guangfeng middle school in Jiangxi Province in October 2006 to file the student status table, a number of teachers to evaluate Huang Wulin: strict school rules, unity and fraternity, is a good high school students. But Huang Wulin failed to go to college, high school graduation, he said to his father: “To be independent, to own Chuang.”

“I am ready to start a business, in the school unexamined to live a comfortable life, all day do not know what to do, I feel life lost color, gray, I want to change.” 2011 April night, Huang Wulin in a Microblogging said.

Huang Qing told his son, the outside world is very exciting, but a lot of frustration.

But the son of character stubborn, everything must be separated from the right or wrong, he remembered, Huang Wulin in seventeen-year-old age, he had a contradiction. That time, Huang Wulin justly said to his father: “I did not make mistakes, you can not hit me.

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US election vote soon “mail door” plot and then reversed

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has decided to maintain its findings after the first survey in July, that is, there is no evidence that the Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic presidential candidate, Its aides intentionally violate the law, do not recommend to the United States Department of Justice on the “mail door” incident to prosecute Hillary.

From the US presidential election day remaining 2 days, Republican candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton running around, using the final time for voter support.

Maintain the original conclusion

FBI: “We do not change the conclusions reached in July”

FBI Secretary James Komi 6 letter to the US Congress, announced the findings. “We do not change the July conclusions,” the letter said, investigating “all night and day,” all the messages in the new mail sent or received from Hillary’s private mailbox.

Hillary Clinton in March last year, the US media exposure during the Secretary of State during the use of private servers to receive and send official e-mail. Shortly after her announcement of her presidential election last April, the FBI launched an investigation into the “mail door”.

In July, Komi said Hillary’s conduct showed that she and her senior aides were “extremely hasty” when handling government secrets, but there was no evidence that they intended to violate the law and would not recommend to the Justice Department to prosecute Hillary. US Attorney General Loretta Lynch subsequently announced not to Hillary prosecution.

However, in the October 28, 11 days away from the polling day, Komei announced the restart “mail door” investigation. The reason is that in the investigation of former members of Congress, Hillary’s assistant Hu Ma Aberdeen’s husband Anthony Weiner suspected of sending pornographic information to the case of minors, the federal investigators found that some of the Hillary “mail door” investigation-related New messages.

The Republican Party

“Hillary always act according to their own rules”

Hillary’s campaign team communications director Jennifer Palmieri 6, the FBI’s findings are welcome. She said: “We are very pleased that this matter is resolved.” In Ohio and basketball star LeBron James to attend the rally with Clinton I did not mention the matter.

Trump, who was in Minnesota and Michigan for the rally, continued to attack Hillary corruption with a “mail door,” not to be trusted, although she was protected by a fraudulent system that would be investigated even after she was elected president. “Hillary Clinton is guilty, she knows, and the FBI knows that people know … it’s up to the people of the United States to come to the polls on November 8,” he said.

Several Republican gangsters continue to rush Hillary on the “mail door” incident. Former US House of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich questioned the independence of the investigation, said Kemi “must be under enormous political pressure, will not carry, announced that he could not know in advance the results.

US House Speaker Paul Ryan said in a statement, “she is that she can override the law, she always act according to their own rules.

Although the investigation did not come to the conclusion of Hillary’s guilt, but found Clinton illegal evidence, “she acted hastily, and repeatedly lie to the people of the United States,” the United States Republican National Committee Chairman Pribes said.

■ Analysis

FBI this time “toss”

Will it affect Clinton’s election?

Although the election is not recommended before the decision to make the prosecution, but after the FBI Zhefan “toss”, Hillary was a clear lead was hit.

A number of polls show that Hillary although still an advantage, but the gap with Trump smaller. McClatchy newspaper company and the Marysters Public Opinion Research Institute 5 poll released by Hillary Clinton Trump lead 1 percentage point, while in September when the gap between the two sides was 6 percentage points.

Reuters and the Ipsos Group, the latest poll results show that Hillary’s support rate of 44%, Trump’s 39% higher than 5 percentage points; and in Florida and North Carolina, the two “swing state” Hillary from the previous election into the two compete for the upper hand.

California Democrat Diana Fanstein 6, complained that the FBI at the election date approaching the moment to restart the investigation, “unfairly damaged the election of a candidate, changed the direction of the election.” She called on the Justice Department to review the internal system and avoid similar incidents affecting future elections.

More than 41 million voters have voted ahead of the two candidates’ campaign. Hillary in recent days to promote a strong political and cultural circles, “friends and relatives” battle canvassing; Trump is when the trapeze, flying in a number of “swing state” between the shuttle, a plane landing near the airport to the public speech Canvassing.

The Associated Press analysis, Trump’s White Road, steep, need him to win almost all the dozens of “swing state” ballot. Reuters and the Ipsos Group, a joint poll predicted Hillary won the election of the possibility of 90%.

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Bachelor section near the “love risk” hot guy to spend 299 yuan to fall in love with insurance

Double eleven bachelor section approaching, graduates of Xiaoning bought a “love risk”, triggered a heated debate yesterday. The insurance from the date of the policy into effect from 3 years to 13 years, the insured and the designated sweetheart marriage, you can get a wedding gift or roses. “Love insurance” to keep love?

Spend 299 yuan to buy love insurance touched his girlfriend

Xiao Ning is a senior college students in Xi’an, Singles Day is approaching, he bought a insurance, touched his girlfriend.

“Xiao Ning said that many students say that graduation season is the break-up season, we love the campus after graduation are not optimistic about their own unintentional.”.. Listen to friends that have “love insurance”, they spent 299 yuan to buy a copy of insurance.

Love can also be insured? Xiao Ning said that since the date of purchase 3 years after 13 years of any day, Xiao Ning and his girlfriend now receive a marriage certificate, you can get a “half-carat heart-shaped diamond.”

His girlfriend received a written with both names of the policy, excited. In her view, not to marry for the purpose of love are playing hooligans, her boyfriend to his gift extremely valuable! “He signed a job in a unit in Shaanxi, I would like to sign early!”

Singles love hot near the insurance

Reporters learned yesterday in the two insurance companies, with Singles approaching, the purchase of “love” of the few. Compared to the community, college students have some concessions.

“Spend 99 yuan, three years from the date of purchase within 13 years after any day, the purchaser and the insured when the designated sweetheart to receive a marriage certificate, you can receive 1999 yuan in cash.Moreover, each couple can get up to 5 copies , Three years later will be able to receive 9995 yuan wedding gift. “An insurance company employees.

Another insurance company staff said that as long as the purchase of insurance couples, 3 years after 13 years of registered marriage, the insurance company for their wedding to send 10,000 roses, priced at 299 yuan each, college students can enjoy 199 yuan discount price. At the same time, in the 3-year period of insurance policyholders will also be personal accident insurance protection.

Can insurance protect love?

Xiao-ning’s friend Xiaoqin feel such a gift to his girlfriend especially romantic, “I know that even if the insurance is not necessarily able to buy to keep love, but at least that, at present, we are each other cherish each other, Keep the love!

Mr. Lin is a different view: “Now buy, in case you can not get together to break up, and insured the money is not white? In case the back of the girlfriend to know, would not be embarrassing?” Some people expressed envy jealousy hate, “I am a ‘single dog’, so want to buy a copy of this insurance, but no chance!” User quietly said.

Zhong insiders believe that such insurance is a gimmick, is not really able to protect the love, earn the eye and profit is the main purpose, of course, also reflects the young people for a better yearning for love.

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The protesters shouted Clinton was rapist Hillary: Trump supporters disgusted

The FBI seems to have become the election has been behind Trump’s “savior”, not only in the critical moment to restart the “mail door” investigation, also denied Hillary accused Trump and There is evidence that Russia has improper contacts.

Another important role affecting the election, A Sangqi, or even “evolution” to be able to predict Hillary’s emotions, he described Hillary “in pursuit of ambition and even loss of reason”, voice hardly ever, Hillary “really” was protested The phrase “Clinton is a rapist” angered.

Previously, she has been trying to show a rational, calm temperament, and often publicly accused Trump such “easy to be angered on social media, not suitable for mastering nuclear weapons.”

After this wave, according to the latest polls, the election to achieve a “rebalancing.”

Hillary rare anger

On Tuesday evening, Hillary Clinton rancorized a protester at a campaign rally, according to the New York Post, which quoted the New York Post as saying.

At a rally in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., A protester shouted, “Bill Clinton is a rapist!” When Hillary heard it, he struck back at the protester.

“You know, I am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and behavior,” she said. “You know, I’m sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous, angry Trump supporters. From people who support Donald Trump).

In fact, this is not the first time protesters in this way at the Hillary campaign rally, but Hillary’s reaction is indeed abnormal.

“We’re not going back, we’re going to make a better future.” And the supporters of the show shouted Hillary’s name for their cheer. The protesters who shouted “Clinton” were rapists were expelled from the venue.

Earlier, Hillary more than once in public questioned Trump easily irritated. In the third television debate, she also criticized Trump “is an easy to be angered people, such people how to do the commander in chief of the US armed forces? The US nuclear weapons password to be a Twitter easily irritated people, the world Will be safe? “She also said that a mature diplomat will not lightly war, war has never been the first option, reason must always overcome the emotional.

And in July at the Democrats Congress in Philadelphia, Hillary Clinton also made similar remarks: “Imagine his office in the oval (the White House Office of the President), for the real crisis, a can be defeated by Twitter We are not the people we can entrust to nuclear weapons. ”

A Sangqi: Hillary heart filled with ambition, and to a morbid level

WikiLeaks Web site editor Julian A Sangqi in today’s Russian television interview, said the US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was very sorry, she “filled with ambition.”

“I am actually sorry for Hillary because her heart is full of ambition, and has come to a morbid state, in order to chase ambitions and even lose their senses,” A Sangqi said.

A Sangqi lawyer had said that if Hillary won the election, the editor will face a significant increase in security threats.

A Sangqi also pointed out that Hillary’s campaign on Russia’s intervention in the US election is false. He also rejected the assertions about Russia and WikiLeaks broke the news.

Clinton has more than once issued a false statement, said the 17 US intelligence agencies concluded that Russia is the source of WikiLeaks broke the news, it is not correct of.”

A Sangqi in early October this year, WikiLeaks 10th anniversary press conference, said the network will be in November 8th before the exposure of all the US presidential election-related documents.

Poll: Trump odds are increasing “stealth voters” or assists

According to “China Daily” website reported on November 3, Trump’s odds are increasing. Trump’s ratings are 5.4 percentage points higher than Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, according to a latest poll. Analysts also pointed out that a group of verbal unwilling to admit to support Trump, secretly but will quietly vote for Trump’s “stealth voter” will put the controversial billionaire into the White House.

November 2, the United States, “Los Angeles Times” released the latest poll poll results show that Trump’s support rate of 47.8%, compared to last week increased by 4 percentage points, while Hillary’s support is down 3 Percentage drop to the current 42.4%. This is the first time since May this year that polls show Trump lead Hillary.

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Mainland germinal “micro letter red envelope” cited “bribery storm”? Hong Kong big controversy

A “micro letter red envelope”, a “bribery election storm”? A number of Hong Kong-based media reported on Hong Kong’s “micro-credit red envelopes” storm over the past few days. The reason was that a mainland student made a WeChat red envelope during the election.

According to Hong Kong “Sing Tao Daily” reported that the University of Hong Kong University Council postgraduate student representatives held at the end of the month, the mainland graduate Zhu Ke to 654 successful re-election, won 410 votes Wu Kun Tai and the other two. Wu Kun Tai accused Zhu in the micro-group distributed red envelopes canvassing, suspected of bribery. After the meeting of the HKU School Committee, the complaint was rejected by 9 votes in favor of 7 votes against Wu Kun Tai. It is reported that some members believe that Zhuke sent a red envelope is 80 yuan to 100 people, but up to two yuan per person, the amount of insignificant, not enough to vote about other people’s intentions.

The University of Hong Kong Student Union, the Faculty and Staff Association and the Alumni Concern Group initiated a joint effort to request the HKU Board of Education to openly account for the findings of the adjudication and conduct an investigation into the incident. Over 2400 responses were received. Zhu said in response to Facebook, “Newport YMCA” WeChat group from Hong Kong after graduating from the major institutions of the development of young people to stay in Hong Kong, members have graduated, not a qualified Hong Kong University graduate voters. The micro-red envelope is the cost of publicity subsidies, the maximum amount of not more than two yuan. As for the other two groups, he did not explain whether the membership includes the Hong Kong University graduate voters.

Some people think that this is a “habit, entertainment,” Hong Kong and the Mainland cultural differences and contradictions have been set off again. Hong Kong media said, Hong Kong people see “micro letter red envelopes”, some people think this is unbearable bribery.

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Net about the New Deal and a number of new regulations such as the implementation of these regulations you need attention

The first anti-fog haze mask national standard landing, the future anti-fog haze masks and then want to “fish in troubled waters” to be difficult; in the new network, 800 km of the following routes and 800 km above the part of the route fares will be developed independently by the airlines according to law …… Since today, a number of new regulations began to implement, involving many aspects of social life, which can be done, which is prohibited, Reminded the public and relevant organizations to pay attention.

Net about the New Deal officially launched today who can operate the network about the car? ]

Ministry of Transport and other seven departments jointly promulgated the “network booking taxi service management Interim Measures” will be implemented on November 1. “Interim Measures” will be about the car this innovative car into the scope of management, from the national level for the first time a clear legal status of the network car.

According to the provisions of the private car to switch to the car network need to meet the following basic conditions: 7 and below passenger cars; installation of a driving record of the vehicle satellite positioning device, emergency alarm device; vehicle technical performance in line with operational safety standards. At the same time, the network car mileage of about 600,000 km to force the scrapped; mileage did not reach 60 million km, but the use of life to 8 years, the withdrawal of the network operators.

The provisions of the net about the car driver is also clear the following requirements: to obtain the appropriate quasi-driving motor vehicle driver’s license and has more than 3 years driving experience; no traffic accident crime, dangerous driving criminal records, no drug records, no drinking driving records, No record of 12 points in 3 consecutive scoring cycles; no violent crime record; other conditions stipulated by the city people’s government.

[China’s first anti-haze masks standard implementation of child standards blank]

A wide range of products, the lack of uniform standards, the current masks market chaos clusters, a lot of anti-PM2.5 name of the product name, protective effect is not ideal, the future anti-fog masks and then want to “fish in troubled waters” difficult.

“Daily protective mask technical specifications,” the national standard, will be November 1 from the formal implementation. This is China’s first national standard for protective masks. It is worth noting that the standard expressly “does not apply to infants, children respiratory protective equipment.”

Protective effect is the core of the standard indicators. Protection effect level is based on national air quality standards set in the air quality category, from low to high were divided into four levels: D, C, B, A level. In accordance with the provisions of the national standard, after wearing masks can be inhaled PM2.5 concentration reduced to 75 micrograms per cubic meter below, so that after inhalation of the air quality of the filter to achieve good and above level, is qualified.

[Civil aviation fare reform: 800 km following routes to achieve custom fares]

Notice issued by the Civil Aviation Administration, the National Development and Reform Commission issued on November 1, notification requirements to further expand the market to adjust the price range of routes, 800 km of the following routes, 800 km or more of the air passenger transport fares to deepen the reform, And the formation of high-speed train EMU train competition routes passenger transport fares by the airlines independently developed.

At the same time, the airlines to develop and adjust the market price adjustment route specific fare types, levels, conditions, at least 7 days in advance to the public. On the basis of the whole fare, the rate of increase of airline ticket price shall not exceed 10%, and the route of fares for each season shall not exceed 10.

[Medical quality management clear responsibility to encourage the reporting of medical quality adverse events]

National Health Commission in October announced “medical quality management approach”, since November 1, 2016 implementation. “Measures” requirements, the establishment of medical institutions, medical security and risk management system. Encourage medical institutions and medical staff to voluntarily report medical quality (safety) adverse events, promote information sharing and continuous improvement.

“Approach” requires a clear medical quality management responsibility for the main body, organizational forms, working mechanisms and key links. Clear medical institutions is the responsibility of the main quality of medical care, medical institutions, the main person in charge of medical quality management is the first responsible person.

[Corporate violations issued by the unified invoice sales of motor vehicles will be included in the “blacklist”]

The State Administration of Taxation issued on September 27 “on the implementation of illegal sales of motor vehicles issued a unified invoice list of motor vehicle public notice system,” the decision to issue a unified motor vehicle sales invoices issued by the motor vehicle business list publicity system. The “Notice” from November 1 will come into effect.

“Notice”, said the State Administration of Taxation will be irregular publicity issued by the motor vehicle sales invoices unified list of motor vehicle business, the list of information can be in the State Administration of Taxation website. Motor vehicle enterprises, including motor vehicle manufacturers and motor vehicle distribution business.

The motor vehicle enterprise shall be classified as “blacklist” if the following circumstances occur: the invoice is not issued more than 2 times (including 2 times), or the case is serious; the same motor vehicle is not sold according to the full price and the extra cost charged by the actual sale of the motor vehicle; Illegal invoices issued by motor vehicle sales at the same time, and then issued other value-added tax invoices caused by the purchase of vehicle tax less than 2 times (including 2 times) or the circumstances are serious; other violations of the invoice management requirements caused by the purchase tax More than 2 times (including 2 times) or the circumstances are serious.

[Central government basic scientific research business expense management new regulations carry out]

Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education recently announced that “the central university basic scientific research business fee management approach” since November 1 from the formal implementation. The management method is clear: the basic scientific research expenses of the central colleges and universities are in support of the independent research work of the central colleges and universities. The use of this course includes: supporting young teachers under the age of 40 to enhance basic scientific research ability; supporting outstanding students in universities to enhance scientific research and innovation ability; Team building; to carry out interdisciplinary basic, supportive and strategic research; to strengthen the basic work of science and technology.

The administrative measures stipulate that the basic scientific research business expenses shall not be used for the salaries, bonuses, subsidies and welfare expenses of the employees with wage income; the large-scale instruments and equipment of more than 400,000 yuan shall not be purchased; the public administration and running costs of the schools shall not be apportioned; Shall not be used to repay loans, pay fines, donations, sponsorship, investment and other expenses; nor shall not be used in accordance with state regulations shall not be charged for other expenses.

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