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Beijing during the Spring Festival population of 8.48 million reduction of the total population of 4 percent

BEIJING, Feb. 2 (Xinhua Yin Li) Beijing Communications Commission on the 2nd informed that the 2017 Spring Festival holiday (January 27 to February 2), the population in Beijing to reduce about 8.48 million, accounting for Beijing The resident population nearly 40%. Statistics show that holiday traffic on the daily average of 147.35 million, the highest value of the Spring Festival over the years.

Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission, according to the Beijing Railway, civil aviation, highway inter-provincial passenger transport three types of intercity traffic access to Beijing to get the number of passengers, and the number of highways and national highways into and out of Beijing traffic conversion conversion The population in Beijing during the Spring Festival to reduce the population of about 8.48 million, accounting for the resident population of Beijing (21.729 million) of the 39%.

According to the briefing, in line with the general trend of the “ladder-up” during the Spring Festival last year, the daily traffic volume of the Beijing Expressway in this year’s holiday is “running steadily steadily higher”. On the eve of the New Year’s Eve and the beginning of the 1.1 million magnitude was significantly lower; the second day of a significant jump, up to 1.4 million or more; after a unilateral upward trend, steadily rising, fifth and sixth day of 1.7 million high, close to the preganglionic normal low Level.

Data show that during the Spring Festival this year, the Beijing highway traffic average daily 147.35 million, an increase of 8.39%, the highest value of the calendar year holiday. Among them, the direction of 727,000 to Beijing; out of Beijing 746,500.

Traffic departments said that during the Spring Festival this year, urban roads, the peak six days before the holiday average traffic index 1.9, significantly higher than the same period last year 1.3. The city’s key areas were differentiated features, the focus of the temple and the main attractions surrounding traffic pressure; public transport passenger levels throughout the year trough level, the overall trend was picked up daily; inter-city passenger traffic year on year overall steady growth, the daily passenger flow was a huge concussion.

In addition, the Spring Festival holiday this year, 7 days are not due to unfavorable weather causes road closures or restrictions on the situation for the past five years, the overall weather conditions the best Spring Festival holiday. During the festive period, the concentration of expressway pressure decreased significantly compared with last year, the number of reported traffic events decreased significantly, a small number of traffic stress concentration caused by traffic accidents.

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