8 ministries thematic studies proposed site improvements

After Prime Minister instructions, SAIC quickly organized the Ministry of Commerce, People’s Bank, the General Administration of Customs, State Administration of Taxation, Administration of Quality Supervision, Administration of Foreign Exchange, the Commission and other ministries topics for discussion, to study crack “do business the old ‘three-in-one license’ difficult “and other related issues, and site improvement measures.

SAT pledged to increase efforts to study the implementation of taxpayers’ online application + paper distribution “means purchase invoices, companies do not have to return the original invoice void, can continue to use; also studied the development of” the ‘three-in-one card’ integration of the new change VAT invoice management system identification number quick solutions “to save the taxpayers and the tax service hall multiple trips across multiple time window queued for business after the implementation, to solve the old” three-in-one card “after update tax invoice systems.

General Administration of Customs said they had to realize that the company use unified social credit code is registered to the customs and import and export declarations, and the development of online business registration functions, the second half is expected to achieve enterprise business registration homes. While exploring and other customs registration and the business sector registered business in some customs reform handle synchronization.

Ministry of Commerce said it would accelerate with the Customs Department to promote foreign trade operator registration system and electronic law enforcement system for docking port.

At the meeting, eight ministries jointly recommended that all departments should quickly sort out the various post-procedure and post-licensing program directory after a business license still running to do, put forward before the effective facilitation and compression, post-approval program projects, shorten the “new business” from obtaining a business license to enter the market began to engage in activities in time to solve the “old business” even after the change according to the accompanying change procedures for the relevant issues, the real burden on enterprises.

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