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Judgment Asiatic black bears, not daring to attack humans.

Yesterday, the animals Asia Foundation is responsible for the protection of staff Yang after seeing the photos of the Moon bear project, “said judging from the body and hair is the most widely distributed in Sichuan province of the Asian black bear. Neck part a Golden Crescent-shaped natural hair, Asiatic black bear is commonly known as Moon bears. “Yang also disclosed that the rare animal altogether eight extant species of the world (including brown bears, giant panda, Asiatic black bear, American black bear, polar bear, and so on), the most widespread in China, the largest number is the Asiatic black bear, which belongs to the second-class protected animals. “The wild bear the greatest threat so far is from human activity, including habitat destruction and illegal hunting. ”

Yang introduced Asian black bears are the most widely distributed in China’s Sichuan, Yunnan and the three Northeastern provinces, are also found in the South of Guangdong and Guangxi. Asiatic black bears are omnivorous, mostly eating fruits, buds, nuts, and occasionally hunting small animals, at high latitudes are hibernating habits, at low latitudes, less food-rich areas in winter.

“Black bears in the rare animals are relatively mild, usually dare not attack humans. But it is, after all, large wild animals, there is still risk. “Yang recommendations, should try to avoid confrontation with the bear, and when a man into the mountains, along with peer dialogue aloud, as a reminder that black bears near human near. Or wear bear bells, walked to remind black bear aversion.

Yang said Asiatic black bears walking on the road is a relatively rare scenes, “wild black bears are usually alert and take the initiative to close to human activity areas. ”

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