Bachelor section near the “love risk” hot guy to spend 299 yuan to fall in love with insurance

Double eleven bachelor section approaching, graduates of Xiaoning bought a “love risk”, triggered a heated debate yesterday. The insurance from the date of the policy into effect from 3 years to 13 years, the insured and the designated sweetheart marriage, you can get a wedding gift or roses. “Love insurance” to keep love?

Spend 299 yuan to buy love insurance touched his girlfriend

Xiao Ning is a senior college students in Xi’an, Singles Day is approaching, he bought a insurance, touched his girlfriend.

“Xiao Ning said that many students say that graduation season is the break-up season, we love the campus after graduation are not optimistic about their own unintentional.”.. Listen to friends that have “love insurance”, they spent 299 yuan to buy a copy of insurance.

Love can also be insured? Xiao Ning said that since the date of purchase 3 years after 13 years of any day, Xiao Ning and his girlfriend now receive a marriage certificate, you can get a “half-carat heart-shaped diamond.”

His girlfriend received a written with both names of the policy, excited. In her view, not to marry for the purpose of love are playing hooligans, her boyfriend to his gift extremely valuable! “He signed a job in a unit in Shaanxi, I would like to sign early!”

Singles love hot near the insurance

Reporters learned yesterday in the two insurance companies, with Singles approaching, the purchase of “love” of the few. Compared to the community, college students have some concessions.

“Spend 99 yuan, three years from the date of purchase within 13 years after any day, the purchaser and the insured when the designated sweetheart to receive a marriage certificate, you can receive 1999 yuan in cash.Moreover, each couple can get up to 5 copies , Three years later will be able to receive 9995 yuan wedding gift. “An insurance company employees.

Another insurance company staff said that as long as the purchase of insurance couples, 3 years after 13 years of registered marriage, the insurance company for their wedding to send 10,000 roses, priced at 299 yuan each, college students can enjoy 199 yuan discount price. At the same time, in the 3-year period of insurance policyholders will also be personal accident insurance protection.

Can insurance protect love?

Xiao-ning’s friend Xiaoqin feel such a gift to his girlfriend especially romantic, “I know that even if the insurance is not necessarily able to buy to keep love, but at least that, at present, we are each other cherish each other, Keep the love!

Mr. Lin is a different view: “Now buy, in case you can not get together to break up, and insured the money is not white? In case the back of the girlfriend to know, would not be embarrassing?” Some people expressed envy jealousy hate, “I am a ‘single dog’, so want to buy a copy of this insurance, but no chance!” User quietly said.

Zhong insiders believe that such insurance is a gimmick, is not really able to protect the love, earn the eye and profit is the main purpose, of course, also reflects the young people for a better yearning for love.

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