British media: China anti-corruption continued to force dozens of luxury club was shut down

September 9 British media reported that the anti-corruption campaign in China continued to force the occasion of China’s dozens of luxury clubs forced to shut down or reduce fees.

According to the British “Daily Telegraph” website reported on September 7, media sources, these clubs was welcomed by local officials, the membership fee of up to 20 million per year yuan.

Chinese media reported that over the past two years, the eastern city of Hangzhou has more than 30 private clubs departments were ordered to cut prices or in transition.

Southern city of Guangzhou and Shenzhen have four clubs shut down, near the city of Zhuhai also has a club been ordered closed.

In the report published on the occasion, Chinese discipline watchdog released a statement, mentioned by name the five have been identified as perpetrators of crimes of corruption officials have access to the clubhouse and the hotel.

It reported that Chinese officials often act of corruption in the “members only into the” private club, the membership of these clubs are numbered.

In 2014, Beijing authorities against the opening of the park in the city’s 24 high-end clubs, ordered them off or greatly reduced fees.

Media reports said that the former state-owned enterprises in Zhuhai City boss Zhou Shaojiang was a club membership, the annual membership fee of up to 200,000 yuan.

According to reports, Zhoushao Jiang and his colleagues only a meal to drink 12 bottles of wine, including France, Latour and Haut other wines, amounting to up to seven million.

Hundreds of officials have accepted corruption investigation and detained, while the Chinese government to implement strict rules for gifts and lavish banquets.

It reported that the movement is very popular in China.

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