Canceled after the addition of a number of public hospitals to lose money, experts: the establishment of a reasonable compensation mechanism

Promote the separation of medicine, to get rid of drugs is one of the round of important medical reform measures, however, recently a number of large hospitals were burst due to medical reform public hospital drug additions and other reasons into a loss.

Experts believe that in promoting the reform of public hospital medical prices, should speed up the financial, health insurance, medical control fees, hospital management and other aspects of the pace of reform, coordinated advancement, the establishment of public hospital scientific and reasonable compensation mechanism.

It is reported that, as of now, the 31 provinces in the public hospitals in the pharmaceutical price reform pilot. In the cancellation of drug additions at the same time, promote the medical service price adjustment, in order to achieve a reasonable adjustment of income structure, to promote the elimination of the “drug supplement medicine” mechanism. The State Council, a joint five departments of the Medical Reform Department jointly released this month, a report on the reform of public hospitals in 2015 shows that in 2015 the national county-level public hospital drug revenue accounted for 39% of the medical business income, down 1.9 percentage points in 2014 ; The proportion of public hospitals in the counties (cities) receiving re-evaluation decreased by 6.2 percentage points, and the medical income increased by 3.3 percentage points.

However, the impact of declining drug income on public hospital income is difficult to avoid. Recently, Hunan Xiangya Hospital, Shandong Qilu Hospital have burst in the local medical reform canceled public hospital drug addition (15% of the policy increase), due to financial compensation and supporting reforms can not keep up with other reasons into a loss, Pressure on the message. At the recent “non-public medical development decade inventory”, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Center for Public Policy Research Zhu Hengpeng predicted that the latest to 2018, a large number of public hospitals and even large hospitals will be a loss of the top three.

The average annual income and cost increase of public hospitals exceeded 20% in 2003 and 2013. The average annual income of public hospitals declined gradually, but the growth rate of costs did not decrease in the past two years “Zhu Hengpeng, said the cancellation of drug addition, health care control fees, organs and institutions into the staff of health insurance, financial subsidies without money, are leading to reduced revenue public hospitals, high cost of the ultimate cause of the loss.

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