Cancellation of UK Visas for 2 Years Visas Visas issued and canceled

According to the European “Sing Tao Daily” reported that the British Ministry of the latest issue of the UK issued a visit to the visa issued the latest guidelines (Visit guidance), which canceled the British two-year visit to China visa Pilot Program (2 year China visit visa scheme pilot).

The Home Office has released the latest version of the guidelines on immigration and visas. It is reported that as a visa officer in the issuance of non-EU residents to apply for a visa to visit the British reference, the new version of the guidance to make the following changes to the content:

• Permanent status does not apply to UK Visas.

• mandatory ground A reason must be clearly identified.

• The applicant may be refused a visa if his or her nationality is too low.

• Long-term visitor visa can not be studied in the UK.

• Family visits, care, etc. for patients visiting the UK for private medical reasons do not apply to escort visas.

• Two-year multiple-visit visas were removed.

• UK-China 2-year multiple-entry visas were removed from the guide.

• Visas issued have been canceled or prematurely terminated.

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