China Releases World’s First Commercial High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor Nuclear Power Station

Beijing, December 21 (Reporter Zhao graceful) 60 million kilowatts of high-temperature gas-cooled reactor nuclear power plant technology program 21, released at Tsinghua University. The project marks the high-temperature gas-cooled reactor technology from the “863” period “with the run” position, to the stage of the demonstration project “leader” position, formally entered the commercial stage. Will be built after the first commercial high-temperature gas-cooled reactor nuclear power plant.

High-temperature gas-cooled reactor, refers to the gas as coolant, the export temperature of nuclear reactors, is the world’s most secure nuclear reactor one of the reactor type. China’s independent high-temperature gas-cooled reactor with independent intellectual property rights is internationally recognized as the fourth generation of advanced nuclear energy system, with good security, the core will not melt and high temperature, multi-purpose and other advantages. In 2012, Shandong Rongcheng started construction of the world’s first 200,000 kilowatts high-temperature gas-cooled reactor nuclear power plant demonstration project. At present, the demonstration project has entered the equipment installation and commissioning phase, and strive to the end of 2017 before and after the grid. The release of the 600,000-kilowatt design, is based on the demonstration project in Shandong Rongcheng design, will have the same inherent safety, the same master equipment design and the same operating parameters.

600 MW high-temperature gas-cooled reactor nuclear power plant with six reactor modules to connect a steam turbine design, and conventional pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant nuclear island plant size and area of ​​considerable. Each reactor module thermal power of 250 megawatts, the unit’s thermal power will reach 1500 megawatts, electric power up to 655 megawatts, power generation efficiency of 43.7%.

National major science and technology special high-temperature gas-cooled reactor nuclear power plant demonstration project chief designer Zhang Zuoyi introduction, design and development of 600,000 kilowatts high-temperature gas-cooled reactor commercial nuclear power plant of great significance.

First, the structure is more compact and optimized, the construction area is significantly lower than the demonstration project. According to the design, the construction cost of the nuclear power plant will be close to PWR nuclear power plant. “By standardizing the design of the main equipment and expanding the scale of production of nuclear fuel, it is possible to reduce the cost of building and operating nuclear power plants, thereby increasing the economics of the entire nuclear power plant,” says Zhang.

“At present, most of China’s coal-fired power plant is running on the scale of 600,000 kilowatts, while the high-temperature gas-cooled reactor steam parameters and the same coal-fired power plant, high temperature gas-cooled reactor nuclear power plant can be a good use of the conventional island of China’s existing mature High-temperature gas-cooled reactor can replace the environment-sensitive areas of coal and gas power generation. “Zhang Zuoyi introduction, high-temperature gas-cooled reactor in coal substitution, combined heat and power, hydrogen and other nuclear energy has a broader prospect. At the same time, it is also an important force in China’s nuclear power to go out strategy. At present, China and Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and other countries signed a memorandum of cooperation of high-temperature gas-cooled reactor.

At present, China has broken through all the core technology of high-temperature gas-cooled reactor, and a number of the world’s first, such as the world’s first large-scale ceramic coated particles spherical fuel element manufacturing plant, the first magnetic bearing main helium fan. Reactor pressure vessels, steam generators and other main equipment has also been fully domestic.

“From the 20 million kilowatts to 60 million kilowatts, from demonstration projects to the commercialization of the practice, through the development of high-temperature gas-cooled reactor can be a number of domestic nuclear power equipment manufacturers, builders and operators to integrate and create a complete Of the high-temperature gas-cooled reactor nuclear power industry chain.Also, but also for the subsequent construction of 600,000 kilowatts of high-temperature gas-cooled reactor supercritical power generation set the foundation. “Zhang Zuoyi introduction.

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