China’s border nuclear power plant in Vietnam worried about the industry: purely redundant

The number of nuclear power plants with 500 to 1,000 megawatts in China is in use in the Vietnam-China border region, some of which are only two or three hundred kilometers away from major northern cities such as Hanoi, while the Guangxi Nuclear Power Station in Fangchenggang Vietnam Mang Market is only 60 km. This makes a lot of people living in northern Vietnam, worried.

The report quoted Liu Dehai, a professor at Hanoi University in Vietnam, as saying that this was a very dangerous distance. In the event of an accident, Vietnam would suffer serious nuclear pollution. In addition, if the Chinese nuclear power plant into the ocean of cooling water containing radioactive material, will the Vietnamese marine ecosystems have a huge impact.

Viet Nam Atomic Energy Research Institute Vice President Levin Hung on the “Vietnamese newspaper,” said the Vietnamese side and China should make direct representations, and asked the Chinese side of the nuclear power plant near the border to provide all the information. “If China builds a nuclear power plant near Beibu Gulf, Vietnam should be involved in the verification of nuclear power plants and introduce international regulation in its construction and operation,” Liu said. In addition to China, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and other neighboring countries have plans to build nuclear power plants, “Vietnamese news website” Social Review Network “said. While it can not prevent neighboring countries from building nuclear power plants on their territory, Vietnam should accelerate the establishment of a nuclear safety early warning system, especially at the Vietnam-China border.
Is the Vietnamese concern justified? An industry source told the “Global Times” reporter, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency, the latest standards, even if the highest level of nuclear accidents, nuclear power plant 20 km away from the geographical range do not have to take thorough preventive measures. “Fukushima nuclear accident to reach the highest level of international nuclear incident classification 7, the emergency zone is only 30 km.”

The Vietnamese want to monitor China’s nuclear power plants, the industry told reporters that the nuclear power industry is a highly transparent industry, the industry information in a timely manner within the international circulation. The public information includes site selection, the technical route used by the plant, and, most importantly, the assessment of environmental impact. This information, the Vietnamese people can access to the Internet. “At present, China’s nuclear power project in Guangxi by the technical route is very advanced, has been able to prevent the occurrence of accidents like Fukushima,” he said, the location of China’s nuclear power project is purely out of scientific principles and standards. Vietnam’s concern is purely redundant, or show that they do not understand the development of nuclear power technology status quo.

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