Clinton speech continuous cough up to four minutes and then cited concern about the health of

Hillary’s health in the past few years has been much outside attention. Recently, Hillary’s speech section of the video on social media heat transfer, video Hillary constantly coughing, time even up to four minutes. Russian satellite news network reported on September 6, continuous cough nearly four minutes before campaigning in Cleveland lobbying the US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and constantly try to drink cough suppression. Clinton will cough ridicule as “allergic to Trump.”
US NBC television reporter Monica Alba commented that “this is not the first time Hillary Clinton in a speech cough, but this is my worst memory.”
Hillary’s health has been much outside attention, after a period of Hillary clips out in June this year when interviewed, showing her head unit suddenly suspected involuntary twitch, the fragment initially in conservative supporters spread on a blog, it shows Hillary was then surrounded by several reporters, but still smiling respond to questions.
In the interview process, Xi Lani’s head suddenly swing back and forth constantly significantly and continuously blink, so that the presence of reporters also felt very surprised. There are views that Xi Lani obvious health problems. Clinton’s supporters contrast, said, “This is just a conspiracy argument.”

December 15, 2012, the then US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton morning due to viral disease and dehydration and collapsed, leading to a slight concussion. In the subsequent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), doctors also found that Clinton has “the right transverse sinus thrombosis.” The doctor explained: Hillary thrombus in “vein behind the right ear, between the skull and brain, but did not cause a stroke or nerve injuries.”

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