Corporate executives were arrested five days before the aircraft sexual harassment has been firmly denied attacking the chest

January 4, a Nvwang microblogging said, January 2, she was sitting in the HNA flight from Shenzhen to Beijing, the event hit Star Galaxy COO Li Yuanrong hit the chest. Later, Li Yuanrong said, “no such thing” (newspaper reported on January 5). Yesterday, the Galaxy creative service company issued an official statement, said the company COO Li Yuanrong sexual harassment female passenger has been investigated and dealt with by public security organs, and said that after the fact that the truth of concealment and indignation. At present, Li Yuanrong has resigned as a Star COO COO position. Beijing Morning Post reporter learned that Li Yuanrong has been sentenced to 5 days of administrative detention of punishment.

Female passenger blew experience “bacon”

January 4, a netizen released a long microblogging, said on January 2 she and her friends take the flight HU7702 from Shenzhen to Beijing, sitting in his seat on the left of her man while her eyes closed during the rest of her implementation sexual harassment. “What he did not think about was that he woke up asleep,” he wrote, “and I suddenly opened his eyes and his hands did not even have time to leave.I scolded and my sister woke up and found his hand My clothes, began to curse Li Yuanrong .At that time is 1:30, condemning the stewardess and passengers.

In this regard, Li Yuanrong be denied, saying “absolutely no chest attack action.” Li Yuanrong also said that the microblogging described in the woman without evidence, her witness is the companion with her companion, not enough for the letter. Li Yuanrong, said after the police questioned him, but did not do for their own things, he firmly does not recognize. Not only that, he also said, when the plane has landed, female passengers themselves are awake, not what she called “awakened.” Later, he said he had to find a lawyer to draft a statement, held the user’s responsibility.

The company issued a statement Li Yuanrong has left

What is right and wrong, a time for the elusive truth. But yesterday, things gradually clear. Xinghe Chuangfu company in the official microblogging yesterday, “I just learned that the police on the Li Yuanrong public security administrative penalty results, we deeply shocked and distressed.” Li Yuanrong violations and after the public to conceal the truth of the practice expressed indignation and condemnation , The very fact that we encounter deep sympathy and condolences.

The statement said: “Li Yuanrong in November 12, 2015 to join the Galaxia clothing, in January 5, 2017 left, no longer served as the company of any office; January 3, 2017, the company saw the media reports After attaching great importance to, in a responsible, objective and rational manner, many times to Li Yuanrong asked the cause of the incident, and sent to the airport police station to understand the incident after the relevant circumstances we have passed a statement to the outside world in a timely manner, And we hope that he will recognize and correct their mistakes, to accept the relevant departments to deal with; our company will also be summed up from this incident (Finance News Lessons learned, in the recruitment of staff to do multi-dimensional background checks, the good use of customs. ”

Li Yuanrong was administrative detention for 5 days

Yesterday, the party netizens published microblogging said Li Yuanrong was January 6, 2017 for indecency detained by the police, and to give Li Yuanrong 5 days of administrative detention. The microblogging will also be the public security administrative penalty decision book on the Internet. At the end of the book, the reporter saw Li Yuanrong’s signature. This reporter has learned that Li Yuanrong has been punished by administrative detention for 5 days.

Microblogging, the female friends said, “Li Yuanrong has promised to come out to me to apologize, and I have done the original promise ‘I just want to say sorry’, I will accept the apology, and will not be investigated afterwards Mr. Li Yuanrong has been punished in the hope that he can return to normal life in the future, here also count as friends, not to comment on Lee, the matter has been to this point, I do not want to affect their work and life. In addition, she said, things are over, will not be investigated or respond to the matter, to return to normal life.

Wu Lihong, director of Beijing CommScope law firm, said female friends face sexual harassment, if it is in public places, monitoring, video, etc. can play the role of indirect evidence. “In addition, it is best to ask witnesses to help the police, which can prove that really encountered sexual harassment.” In addition, you can use the phone video, recording, you can also ensure their own safety in the case of loud shouting, causing next to the attention. In addition, the scene of the physical evidence, the other traces of the items must be retained.

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