County Bureau of Wei surrendered clerk: 5-100000 black market sale of a birth certificate

Responsible person Longhui County of Shaoyang City, Wei Bureau of the Propaganda Department of August 18 to reporters confirmed earlier media reports of “baby” birth certificate “actually asking 5-100000 yuan openly trafficking,” the issue is suspect Liu Xin Longhui County Bureau of public Guardian Unit Clerks, “was last night (August 17) to surrender, the current case is under further investigation.”
Wei Bureau of media reports on the response letter. Longhui County Wei Bureau of FIG Hunan TV “by visual survey” August 17 reported that a man named Guilin Yanshan Xiongming Zhong (QQ nickname “Tong baby”) who are selling black market “birth certificate” , 50000-100000 yuan a. If you took this proves that no child of unknown origin and even abducted children, could easily be on the account, so that anti-trafficking action lose track.
Police enforcement informed book. Longhui Wei Bureau of FIG Xiongming Zhong report said parents need to provide ID number and address, you can do disguising the “birth certificate.” For birth because medical evidence is illegal, so the price is a bit high, depending on the age of the child, the price ranging from 50,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan.

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