Deepen defense and military reform

“We must redouble our efforts, momentum, the difficulties, the solid deepen defense and military reform forward.” Xi Jintao delivered an important speech at the thirty-fourth chaired Politburo collective study, profound He explained the importance of deepening the reform of national defense and the armed forces, fully affirmed the remarkable achievements made in the pre-reform, and further reform re-mobilize, deploy, to adhere to the correct direction of reform, reform will unite forces in an orderly reform, powerful implementation of reform, to provide a scientific follow and powerful driving force.

The pace of army reform and innovation has never stopped. Since the party’s 18, President Xi with a strong mission to play, grand strategic logistics and strong determination of the will, an overview of the development trend of the times, seize the historical position and direction in which our army building, and propose a strong army major strategic thoughts. After the Central Military Reform Work Conference, we stand before the armed services, and then change the headquarters, set up after the theater, breaking the long-term implementation of the general headquarters, major military command system, the system of the Continental Army, the Central Military Commission established a total pipe, theater battle, the military services of the main building the new pattern of reform of high strength, high speed, high efficiency, opener conclusion, smooth operation, great achievements, opened a strong army to achieve the goal to build a world-class army of a new journey.

At present, the reform is to push, follow arduous task. 2020 to be in the leadership of the management system, the joint operations command system reform breakthrough, achieved important results in the optimization of the scale structure, improve the policy system to promote the development of military and civilian integration and other aspects of reform. Especially this year to organize the implementation of the military structure and the size of a combat force structure, institutions, armed forces reform, basically completed the task of reforming stage. If the previous stage of the reform is moving “on top”, followed by the reform is the move a “big”; the previous stage is moving, “board”, the next move is “pawn”, is difficult to adjust the depth of transformation, the unprecedented heavy task.

Deepen defense and military reform is a long-term, complex and arduous strategic project. With echelon reform unfolds, with many things, numerous interwoven contradictions, the officers will be more active ideological contradictions will become more prominent, many troops will face recombination, scribe, revocation, many soldiers will face migration, reorientation, retired. “There are trade-offs cause, see the fate of loyalty.” Only a high degree of historical consciousness and a strong mission to play with greater wisdom and courage to deepen reform, in order to resolutely implement the requirements of the reform in the end, will resolutely implement the reform of the deployment in the end, we will resolutely implement the reform tasks in the end.

Dragon Crossing the Japanese side, whip the rain fly mountains. To further strengthen the confidence of reform in the key defense and military reform to push when the mouth, we have the courage of your convictions, have to play with tenacity, shoes and walked quickly stabilized continue to move forward. To further the prospective direction of reform, adhere to the correct political orientation, focusing adhere to fight, persist in innovation-driven, adhere to the system design, adhere to the rule of law thinking, actively and steadily adhere to. To further efforts to implement the reform, strengthen organizational leadership, grasp of iron has left a mark, leaving India stepping stone to ensure that the implementation of reform initiatives, falling thin, steady fall. Party committees at all levels should focus on reform and implementation of the tasks as a major political responsibility, and strive to improve understanding of the precise, precision, power and precision landing capability, high standards to complete the reform task shouldered good. To deepen the ideological mobilization, to guide the reform of the officers and men to read, understand reform, unity of thinking in emancipating the mind, in order to promote reform and lay a solid basis for thinking and understanding. Leading cadres at all levels should take the lead, especially senior cadres do promote school reform, doer, consciously positioned at the big picture, think, act, loyalty to the party, the party’s command to the party line to reflect the implementation of the reform tasks.

Beecham reform, a strong army can be expected. No matter what kind of difficulties, no matter what the face of challenges, the determination of trace of reform can not be shaken, the reform efforts that can not be reduced as long as the army officers and soldiers to further strengthen political awareness, the overall sense of command, make conscious embrace reform to actively support the reform, firm join in the reform, we will be able to win deepen defense and military reform this battle.

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