Dongguan, Guangdong “chase smashing armored vehicles were killed” incident to investigate

Men holding brick smashing armored vehicles were escorted by the case of shooting, causing sustained social concern.

According to the Mayor of Dongguan Changan government issued a circular –

At 12:06 on October 27 Xu, 110 received the alarm, said: an armored car was a man smashed glass.

It is understood that the implementation of an armored car escort mission Wu Sha Xing Road, near the junction, was a man Hwang (Jiangxi) with stones, cement blocks and other objects to chase the vehicle, resulting in vehicle damage to the glass.

Car guards repeatedly discouraged invalid, the shooting caused the injured fell to the ground. Hwang 120 by the scene died.

Chengdu Business Daily chief reporter Liu Mu-wood from Dongguan, Guangdong

Dongguan, “Guangdong four tigers,” the first, the world factory, migrant workers gathered.

Walking in the streets of Dongguan City Changan Town Ushuan South Road, random intercept, asked any one passers-by, he often will tell you, “I am a stranger.”

October 27, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Changan Town, occurred with the “Yunxian car guards shot and killed a man smashed car” case. The man named Huang Wulin, a rubber bullets, took his life.

This is a habit of “good news do not report” people, is ready to break the people in Dongguan.

As Huang Wulin last resort restaurant is located west of the incident, Huang Wulin leave the restaurant, or may follow the Wu Sha Huan South Road from west to east, and the armored car “friction”, and then from east to west all the way chasing Smashing.

Huang Wulin and Dongguan Chun An escort Co., Ltd. For the first time in contact with the truck is a crossroads, where the East Zhen – Rong Road, West for the Wu Sha South Road, South Road for the five – .

His character

“Stubborn, everything must be separated from right or wrong”

Jiangxi Province Shangrao City Guangfeng District, there are 30,000 wood carvings. Huang Qing is such a carpenter, he bought in the city, covered two pavement, four and a half floors. Huang Qing feel that the family business alone, a person can be based in the local foot.

Huang Qing has a “sensible” son, named Huang Wulin, “from small to large, never reach out to me to pay a penny.”

Guangfeng middle school in Jiangxi Province in October 2006 to file the student status table, a number of teachers to evaluate Huang Wulin: strict school rules, unity and fraternity, is a good high school students. But Huang Wulin failed to go to college, high school graduation, he said to his father: “To be independent, to own Chuang.”

“I am ready to start a business, in the school unexamined to live a comfortable life, all day do not know what to do, I feel life lost color, gray, I want to change.” 2011 April night, Huang Wulin in a Microblogging said.

Huang Qing told his son, the outside world is very exciting, but a lot of frustration.

But the son of character stubborn, everything must be separated from the right or wrong, he remembered, Huang Wulin in seventeen-year-old age, he had a contradiction. That time, Huang Wulin justly said to his father: “I did not make mistakes, you can not hit me.

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