Driving test new regulations on October 1 from the implementation of subject two and three subjects with the test

Earlier this year, the Ministry of Transportation, “50% Driving the pilot will be the first training after payment” as this year will promote the livelihood of one of the things.

Recently, the Ministry of Transport issued a “motor vehicle driving training to pay after school, time charging service contract model (model text)”, from October 1 onwards, driving training can finally achieve “first school to pay, time charges.”

Test C1, C2 driver’s license, what changes?

Change 1: test C according to the total time less than before

“Motor vehicle driving training teaching and examination program” (hereinafter referred to as “new” outline “)” on some models of training hours to do the adjustment. Among them, C1 card and C2 card total hours were 62 hours and 60 hours, less than the original requirements of more than 10 hours. And the new “outline” for each specific time of the school also made it clear that: 60 minutes per class, including the effective teaching time shall not be less than 45 minutes. Each student classroom learning time and the actual operation time shall not exceed 4 hours per day.
The new “outline” on the driving test fees and payment methods stipulates that after the driving test will implement the “first training after payment” model. The specific approach is: in the student subjects a pass before passing no fee, the student subjects a pass, and through the registration platform for successful registration, and then select classes and payment.

In the new “motor vehicle training costs constitute schedule”, the charges are divided into five categories, namely, the related service costs (including textbooks, personal accident insurance premiums, etc.), theoretical knowledge training fees, driving simulation training costs , Basic and site driving training, road driving training. Among them, the latter three charges are subdivided into ordinary time, peak hours and holidays, three categories, respectively, marked hourly unit price.

In addition, according to the requirements of each region also need to implement a job – after each training, students can be time to score to the coach evaluation, and payment through the platform, which will help improve the quality of service and teaching coaches, but also through evaluation Coach ability to grade.

Change 3: training mileage of not less than 300 km, subject two and three subjects can be tested

The new “outline” that the provinces should be based on the actual quasi-driving-type training mileage to make the relevant requirements, but the minimum shall not be less than 300 km. The new “outline” referred to the basic time requirements for each model, for additional test content and project, a corresponding increase in school hours.

The new regulations also stipulates that the “safe and civilized driving knowledge” teaching should be “road driving” teaching cross-integration; “base and site driving” and “road driving” can be cross-training. In other words, students can learn the theory side, while the actual practice on the train, the subjects of two and three subjects can be combined. This will not only save time, but also save driving test costs.

In addition, “road traffic safety laws, regulations and related knowledge” and “safe and civilized driving common sense” teaching can take multimedia teaching, remote network teaching, traffic safety experience and other means, classroom teaching shall not be less than 6 hours.

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