Eighteenth gold! China Nanping 3-1 Japan scored three consecutive Olympic

Xinhua News: the Chinese team won the Rio Olympics will table tennis Nantuan gold medal, 2008, after 2012 for the third consecutive time swept all four gold medals in the Olympic Games.
Tencent sports on August 18, 2016 Olympic Games in Rio will table tennis court into the closing date, the finale Nantuan battle between China Nanping Nanping with Japan. After four sets of fighting, China Nanping to a 3-1 win, successfully defending, the first singles, Malone scored 2 points, Xu Xin / zhangjike doubles with a, Xu Xin Shui gusun the confrontation in the 2-3 regret and negative lost points in. This time, China Nanping also achieved three consecutive Olympic games.
The first set: Malone 3-0 Tanba Xiaoki
Malone ranked first in the world, Koki Niwa 22, Malone, first inning start to 2-0, Koki Niwa to 4-5, Malone with the forehand positive inroads scored 4 points, to a 9-4 lead. At the end of the Bureau 10-6 get points on the board, Koki Niwa to return the ball turnovers, Malone 11-6 before the next city.
Easy to battles, Malone opening 3-1 preemption, Koki Niwa even 3 4-3, then Japanese teenager at 5-4 also played wave 4-0 with a 9-4 lead, Malone secures the position to retaliate 3 points chase 7-9, Japan team requested a suspension, suspended after Malone to open the scoring model, and even four points to reverse the 11-9 win. Third games, a leading 5 points was reversed, so Tanba Xiaoki somewhat discouraged, this Council Malone soon get 7-2’s lead. In the final 11-6 victory, to 3-0 victory over Tanba Xiaoki, made a good start for Chinese.
Second set: Xu Xin 2-3 Jun Mizutani
In the world ranking third Xu Xin against the world ranking sixth Shui gusun, Xu Xin, this is a tough battle, because Shui gusun in the Olympic Games will be in excellent condition, but had played 12 times, Xu Xin maintains the total victory, including the team’s seven meetings. First inning start each had 2 points, since then both sides refused to give ground, the score to eight alternating, Shui gusun attack takes 2 points 10-8 points for the Bureau, Xu Xin receiving recurrent Jing 2 points, 10 square! But with the two time after the attack failed, Jun Mizutani won a game with 12-10.
The second inning Shui gusun played a more active start leading 5-1, Xu Xin responded with a 5-0 to 6-5, after the two sides fight to 7 flat, Shui gusun the company takes 2 points to 9-7 preferential, Xu Xin receiving round even after 2 minutes, 9 draws, but the next two balls Xu Xin pull the ball out of bounds, back to the ball into the net, Shui gusun 11-9 win again a bureau. Third Xu Xin positive changes during a 6-0 start, he will keep to the end pulled one back to 11-3.
Xu Xin in the fourth inning behind the 2-4 attack by the company takes 4 points to 6-4, then he firmly in the control of the score superiority to win 11-7. Tiebreaker in his first serve round 2 points each, Xu Xin forehand storm succeed after another to a 5-2 lead, the Japanese team had to request to suspend, suspended after Xu Xin and 1 6-2 preemption, late Xu Xin 10-7 for inventory, Shui gusun tenacious even 5 points to reverse the 12-10 wins the game. This Xu Xin lost 2-3 water valley falcons, Japan and Chinese big score of the game 1-1.
Third set: Xu Xin / Zhang Jike 3-1 Tanba Xiaoki / Yoshimura Masaharu
After the match began, first inning Japan played more active to 11-4 forestalls opponent by a show of strength, the second inning start each 2, Xu Xin / Zhang Jike scored 3 points, opened the score, Japan recovered 1 minute, Xu Xin / Zhang Jike played a 5-0 to 10-3 obtains the Bureau spot, Japan portfolio save Bureau 3 points, eventually China combination 11-6 win. Third, the two sides deadlocked the score increased to 9 at the end of the war, the bureau level, the two time Zhang Jike succeeded to win 11-9 sideways attack.
The fourth Bureau Xu Xin / Zhang Jike 3-0 openings preemption, Japanese team to call a time-out, suspended after Koki Niwa / Yoshimura Masaharu even four points to 4-3, Xu Xin / Zhang Jike steady footing in a timely manner to retaliate a 3-0 to obtain a 6-4 lead, in Japan recovered after 1 minute, Liu Guoliang request to suspend, suspend really effective, Xu Xin / Zhang Jike even under 5 11-5 victory locked. In this combination of China’s 3-1 victory over japan.
Fourth set: Malone 3-0 Yoshimura Masaharu
Malone and Yoshimura Masaharu played two times, are in this year, Malone two wins and a game not lost. At the beginning of the game, Malone, the forehand and backhand force succeeded again and again, by 11-1 victory. The second is still the Malone firmly in control of the initiative, with 11-4 win. After the third inning Yoshimura Masaharu in 2-4 behind called pause, pause and not have the effect of, Malone each compete, bureau at the end of 10-3 to get match point, a waste of a match point, Malone anti pull succeeded by 11-4 victory locked, 3-0 victory over Ji Cun really fine. This China Nanping beat Japan 3-1, successfully defending!

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