Erosion of Inner Mongolia County: 1 million people involved in the county

If there is no “Yongchang Entertainment” site, perhaps no one will never Kailu County, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of the county, and the southern region of Myanmar bravely related to any link. In just three years, the enchantment of the Lu people through the computer screen, greedily spy the line at the other end of the unfamiliar and familiar world. They use a large bundle of banknotes to feed the illusory “win” dream, but without fear of their loved ones tears and dignity of the law.

One by one broken families, a history of iron and blood, dressed in casino casino outside the entertainment, is gradually eroding the pillars of the county’s economy as the mainstay of agriculture. At present, the local public security has been aware of the seriousness of the problem, but still need to support a higher level of investigative force.

Text / map Beijing Times reporter Han Tianbo

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One night, the guy did not make money

Du Feng (a pseudonym) and lost. This time, he bet on the remaining all the belongings – a car and his only a smart phone. Unfortunately, this last-ditch, did not like he expected to recover as owed under 80,000 yuan gambling debts, but let the experienced Inner Mongolia man into a greater predicament … …

At dawn, Du Feng shrink the neck, his hands in his pocket, the Northeast in October of the cold wantonly fiddle with his unkempt hair, fairly stiff windbreaker collar and feet just grazed the old shoes, efforts to highlight the 38 years old The last dignity of men.

In fact, in accordance with the local “lords children must support their families,” the standard, this last dignity is no longer needed.

Just the night before, more than 80,000 yuan gambling debts, he usually pull the foot of the car to make money and only a smart phone into a 7,000 yuan chips. “I did not ask, let me owe money back on the line, I am sure to close hand.” He said, “I do not want to go back,” he said. ”

The reality is some irony, night fighting, Du Feng’s car keys have been clutched in the mortgage line of the hands of the boss, the phone is replaced by only voice call button machine, “phone card, I ask people to give me this I want to call the mobile phone I want to change the car to find money, people can not take me.

Compared to the old gamblers in Kailu County, in May this year, “entry” of Dufeng be novice, 7,000 yuan in chips, barely let him survive the last night. Midnight, looking at the account only a single digit balance, Du Feng finally realized what happened.

“I am quite sleepy, and have to wait for the day to find the money to redeem the car,” he chose to sleep in the mortgage line for a while, “simply could not sleep, his head is not looking for who can borrow money, is to figure out how to borrow money before the time Of the past, the heart of death.

Dafeng lit a cigarette, this package is his last 20 hours the only spending. His body up and down only 20 yuan, “did not eat, do not want to eat, the car does not come back atonement, I can not go home, my mother knew the car did not, certainly have to fall ill.

The car is the only stable source of income in recent years. Since 2007, after a car accident, seriously injured he can no longer afford the labor intensity of ordinary people, the car has become his old home and his parents all the hope.

Now, if you can not raise money in the short term, this last hope will also become a bubble.

For the bloodshot eyes full of Du Feng, where the overnight, is a more than “money for ransom” more urgent problem. Sitting on the side of the stone steps, he searched the phone directory, but did not find a suitable number, “had to find someone to borrow money did not tell the truth, and now did not return, which also face trouble people. ”

In late autumn the northeast temperature is close to 0 degrees, Du Feng called a chill, his face showing a hint of smile, “Do not look at me now, buddies have also had scenery.

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