Foreign media: over half of the Chinese stock investors never choose to make money by friend

September 1, said foreign media reports, a survey shows: over half of Chinese investors never make any money.

According to Radio France Internationale website on August 31 reported that the survey involved a total of CITIC Securities, China Investment and other 23 securities companies to open accounts 5429 investors. The results showed that 50.43 percent of investors from the investment account since a loss; 44.83% of investors is profitable, of which only 2.62% of investor surplus of over 100%, and 4.73% of the investors are still unclear their investment performance.

According to Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao” reported that the small and medium investors in the card service center recently conducted a joint Shanghai Stock Exchange “Risk Colour” The survey shows that over half of investment from Chinese investors to open an account since that loss, many retail investors investment mentality of investors is not mature enough, there are almost half of the surveyed investors choose “friends recommended stocks” and select “dependency for news,” the investors accounted for 21.74%.

Reason investors losses varied, both apparent overconfidence, overreaction, disposition effect, herding and other irrational behavior, there are also frequent trading, anchoring effect, “Risk claustrophobic” and other factors.

More than 40% of investors think they are being “anxious rebound after the stock market crash,” “heavily loaded with strong stock,” “impulsive, susceptible news hearsay” and another attributed the loss “rather slipped, nor long suit, “” frequent operation, “the proportion exceeds 20%.

Survey results show that more than three ships simultaneously hold stock investors accounted for only 27.45%, while holding one or two stock investors nearly 50% of the portfolio appears centralization investors to build diversified portfolios performed low awareness of risk diversification, this result may be due to investor overconfidence or investment habits.

According to the results of the survey can be drawn “shareholders Images”: Chinese investors focused on the 23 years of age, the ratio reached 78.63 percent, below the age of 22 accounted for only 2.65% of investors, “new generation” (after 95) the proportion of investors low; this population generally higher level of education, 69.57 percent of investors have a college degree or above; aspects of investment experience, 45.63% of the investors over five years of investment experience, but there are also people who do not have the stock market 4.7% investment experience, of which eighty percent of investors with total investment of 50 million small and medium investors.

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