Help solve the flow of population in China

China is not a country with high levels of immigration, why join the International Organization for migration? What it means for China to join the Group?

In this regard, China and globalization Research Center director Wang huiyao told the Beijing News reporter, China joined the International Organization for migration to enhanced immigration service and management, and building codes, and improve migration management system at home and abroad. He said, “China is not a country of immigration” is a great deal of misunderstanding.

According to United Nations Statistics, a total of 232 million international migrants in the world, and 740 million internal migrants, in recent years, China’s international migrant stock and internal migration of the population continues to grow. From 2000 to 2013, China’s international surged more than 50%. As of 2013, the Chinese expatriates have 9.334 million people to become the world’s fourth-largest emigration; in terms of internal migration, 2010 China’s internal migration of the population of more than 220 million.

“To join the International Organization for migration, we can effectively solve the problem of population movements. “Said, more than 300 million of China’s migrant workers, migration of internal migration, resettlement, household management, integration into urban life and urban development and other problems to solve, can learn from the early experience dealing with related issues in the process of urbanization.

Wang huiyao, some of China’s internal migration experience of successful projects such as the three Gorges reservoir area, can also be shared with the international community. In addition, China has more than 60 million overseas Chinese, frequent regional conflicts also makes nationals to protect the important topic of international cooperation. Join the International Organization for migration, will contribute to the foreign consular protection, and better safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of overseas Chinese.

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