Hillary’s old speech exposure: China to the South China Sea, the United States will the Pacific

The United States conservative media Breitbart news network reported on the 11th, “Wikipedia Secret” website announced on the 7th of the former US Secretary of State, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stepped down after the Goldman Sachs Group within the speech, part of the South China Sea. According to the disclosure, October 29, 2013 Goldman Sachs in a private speech, Clinton talked about the South China Sea issue, claiming that China “has the right to adhere to their claims.” The authenticity of the claimed material was not confirmed by the Hillary team.

According to reports, Hillary told the audience, “48% of the world’s trade and transport through the South China Sea,” “You can not oppose them (China)”, “they have the right to adhere to their own ideas, but if no one came System, and create a balance, they will curb the sea lanes and coastal countries.

Hillary also said in his speech, if China claims the entire South China Sea, the United States can claim the entire Pacific Ocean, “because we liberated here, to protect it,” “We can call the United States Sea, from California West Coast until the Philippines. ” “My colleague says you can not do that, but I say your sovereign claims are based on some ceramic fragments on the atolls stranded on fishing boats, and we have military power,” Hillary said.

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