How to fix and download dhcpsapi.dll for free

If location of dhcpsapi.dll (dhcpsapi dll) on your Microsoft system goes missing, you shall face many issues while using dhcpenumsubnetclients C# and pinvoke functions or issues concerning VB NET and Powershell, so to eliminate them all, simply invest in DLL SUITE.

The description of the file: dhcpsapi .dll reads as: “DHCP Server API Stub DLL” and the same can be looked upon as a part of the Microsoft Windows Operating System. In fact; this particular edition of the dossier has been developed by Microsoft Corporation. The current version in use is 5.1.2600.0 (xpclient.010817-1148) and the size is 72.5 KB. You need to know that there are many gaming applications which require this file for ensuring their smooth and seamless functioning. Thus; it is suggested not to remove the file from the precise path. In other words; stay prepared to deal with a host of issues if the location of dhcpsapi.dll goes missing from its precise location.

There are many individuals who simply keep experiencing a series of issues while loading images in picture boxes in with the help of different methods such as: bitmap, image.fromfile and filestream. In fact; the major cause of worry with such a typical form of dhcpsapi dll vb net related fault remains in the fact that all the methods keep giving “Out of Memory” error. The pertinent question, which worries a majority of all concerned, is regarding what could be the right approach involved in increasing the amount of memory allocated for all the programs. The other point of concern with an identical form of dhcpsapi.dll Microsoft fault is that it is simply not possible to dispose all the images as it is required to stay visible in the web form.

It certainly is not uncommon to deal with issues concerning dhcpsapi.dll functions while using dhcpsapi.dll and because of the same you might have to deal with a fault code best represented by the alphanumerical code as: 0x80004005. In fact; this is a type of ‘Unspecified Fault’, which occurs on a PC loaded with Windows 10 OS, and essentially gets flared up while renaming a ‘New Folder’. It is only when you press the ‘Try Again’ option that the new name is essentially accepted.

There are several instances wherein because of issues concerning dhcpsapi.dll dhcpenumsubnetclients you might find that an error message reading as: “It appears as though a particular reference to dhcpsapi-dll simply failed to get included. You are advised to make sure that the file is accessible and it is a valid or authentic assembly or COM component” gets highlighted. The dhcpsapi.dll c# specific issue merely fails to get eliminated even after executing in the “Run as Admin” Mode.

At most times than not, owing to a fault identical to dhcpsapi dll pinvoke you might have to deal with a fault message, simply reading as: “There seems to be a PInvoke restriction and the same cannot return variants”. In fact; such a type of issue essentially occurs while attempting to use the dhcpsapi dll file (process) for the sole purpose of searching for a DHCP client using GetClientInfo.

A fault code as: 0x8007000d often gets highlighted and this remains associated along with dhcpsapi.dll powershell related issues. It becomes absolutely necessary to fix all the issues so as to keep benefitting from seamless and error free browsing experience. The right way of doing the same is to visit VSKSoft and install a tool such as: DLL SUITE.

How to fix DLL errors

  1. Launch the program DLL Suite and click on menu Overview, and scan your computer.
  2. Repair all detected DLL problems when the scan is complete.

How to download DLL files for free

  1. Run the program DLL Suite and click on menu DLL Download, and search the DLL file.
  2. Download the DLL file for free from the search results.

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