Inner Mongolia Commission for Discipline Inspection officials for bribes: 1 million table for others 500,000 yuan table

“He often this situation, with their own ten thousand dollars for 50 million dollars in the table for other people, with 100,000 yuan of money for someone else car 50 million dollars of the car, he felt the money is bribes of other people, The change of the table is a better cover. ”

The night of January 4, 2017, CCTV broadcast TV feature film “blacksmith need their own hard” medium “to prevent” under the lights “” “disclosed in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Commission for Discipline Inspection case of the original director Shen Jia with various means to circumvent Investigation, cover up violations, the Shen Jia case task force Liu Guichun Shen Jia introduced the details of bribery.

Shen Jia has been in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Commission for Discipline Inspection and discipline inspection room, the case to review the person in charge of the room, which are the core of the discipline to grasp the discipline department.

As a discipline inspection cadres, Shen Jia familiar with a variety of survey methods, the investigation process. He side of the abuse of power to seek benefits, while using various means to circumvent the investigation, to cover offenses.

For example, the above-mentioned feature film, for example, there is a case in which a state-owned mining company executives involved, there are 100 million bribes to accept the plot, Shen Jia and his collusion, let him arrange false witness, , Eventually making him immune from being investigated. After the incident, Shen Jia to the person in charge of bribery, an opening will be several million.

“He said he wanted to buy a house, I said how much money you need to buy a house, then he said about three or four million, when I said you too much, you can not so, the money too much, I am annoyed, he said that this thing can not do, a look I can not afford to offend, finished gave him sent. “Chifeng color white whisper Noir general manager Wang Aihua CCTV camera said.

Although Wang Aihua gave Shen Jia 3 million yuan, this 300 million story is not over yet.

After a period of time, the commentary of the feature film, said Shen Jia heard some wind, fear of risk.

“Procuratorate may want to investigate Wang Aihua thing, and I heard that it is certainly more and more afraid of .I let my brother, the money gave him the original number back.” Shen Jia said in the feature film.

However, after more than a year and a half, he called me in April, call the meaning of the money I also use in my heart speaking, cadre of the discipline inspection commission is very sacred, they are Should be asked to be very strict, but then he did this thing, I feel a bit too, and later forced me no way, I think so, anyway, you do not want to do that I hit from the account in the past “Wang Aihua said.

In addition, the feature film also revealed that in October 2013, with an internal staff discipline, shook the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Commission for Discipline Inspection. Some people report the case of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the autonomous region of the original director of Shen Jia accept bribery case.

Shen Jia case task force Liu Guichun said, “We are investigating a case in the process, there should be a deal with party members and cadres were not dealt with, we find this person to understand the situation, he took the initiative to report Shen Jia, Bribery, he was removed from the list should be removed, so that he did not deal with when I report to the Standing Committee, all the leaders are not convinced with the eyes looked at me, that this will happen “Our own people will be so unscrupulous? So that no one believes, but all the evidence that this is happening in our side of the problem of corruption.”

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