Japan and South Korea signed a military intelligence protection agreement to share North Korea’s military intelligence

According to Xinhua News Agency, Japan and South Korea 14th in Tokyo, initialed the “Military Intelligence Protection Agreement.” The four-year military agreement, once formally signed, Japan and South Korea will be able to directly share, including North Korea’s nuclear, guided, etc., without having to go through the US military intelligence.

Japanese media reported that the same day in the “Military Intelligence Protection Agreement” affairs-level consultations, the two sides reached a substantial consensus. After the completion of their domestic approval procedures, the two sides are expected to formally signed the agreement within this year.

Japan ‘s Chief Cabinet, said the day in a routine press conference, in response to the DPRK nuclear issue, Japan and South Korea to carry out cooperation is essential. Japan is willing to further

Japan and South Korea to promote security cooperation, including the early formal signing of the “Military Intelligence Protection Agreement.”

According to Yonhap news agency, the South Korean Defense Ministry said in the same day that the release of information, flexible use of Japanese intelligence capabilities, can safeguard the security interests of South Korea. The agreement will provide practical assistance to South Korea in obtaining North Korean submarine-launched ballistic missile intelligence.

According to South Korean media reports, the initial agreement from the South Korean government announced the resumption of negotiations with the Japanese only ten days, there are public criticism of the South Korean government to bypass public opinion, “surprise.” The Republican opposition Democratic Party, the National Party and the Justice Party deny the signing of the agreement and submit a resolution calling for an interruption of the agreement, and warned that once the government signed the agreement, it would promote the impeachment or dismissal of the Secretary of Defense.

At present, Japan, the United States, South Korea and the United States were concluded between the “Military Information Protection Agreement.” In 2012 the South Korean government had planned to sign with Japan, “military intelligence protection agreement”, but forced by strong domestic opposition, in the day of emergency stop. The end of October this year, South Korea announced and Japan to restart the “Military Intelligence Protection Agreement” negotiations.

According to the end of 2014 the three countries signed an information sharing agreement, the North Korean nuclear and guided intelligence can be shared through the United States. After the signing of the Agreement on Military Intelligence Protection, the two sides can quickly share information without going through the United States.

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