Korean media: Chinese media speculation “black house” is the dissatisfaction with the Korean vent

“More than 100 Chinese tourists to visit Jeju Island was closed black house” to become “11” hot topic during the Golden Week. The Chinese embassy in Jeju Island, the political news group staff, Wei Lijiao 9, told the “Global Times” reporter, is still unable to judge “more than 100 people,” this figure is true. Media said the “black house” is actually “standby room”, standby time, visitors eat their own expenses, accommodation is Korean kang, is not deliberately embarrassing Chinese tourists to play ground floor. However, the incident occurred in the delicate node of Sino-South Korea relations, Jeju Island, the recent occurrence of the Chinese people of vicious crimes, leading to local folk anti-China sentiment, coupled with China and South Korea because of “Sad” problem confrontation, South Korea “Central Daily” , “Chinese media is through this way to vent their dissatisfaction with South Korea.”

According to several domestic media reports, during the National Day Golden Week this year, a number of Chinese tourists in the Chinese citizens visa-free Jeju Island area travel, was refused entry for various reasons, and detained, room and board are in Jeju International Airport “Black House” inside. According to statistics, the number of people involved before and after the hundreds of people, the longest retention time has been more than 5 days. There are media reports, a pair of Chinese mother and daughter through the online reservation to the Jeju Island with the group tour, but in October 2nd arrived at Daegu International Airport transit, but was detained by the South Korean side. Was closed for 24 hours after the “black house”, was repatriated. This is a hot topic in the Chinese network, Internet users serious opposing views. One view is that Chinese tourists in the Sino-Korean relations are poor to travel to South Korea, is “asking for it”; another view of the experience of Chinese tourists against the injustice.

Chinese citizens can travel to Jeju Island in groups or individuals, and visa-free stay for 30 days, Jeju is the only area in South Korea where visa-free access is granted to Chinese consular services. 7, the Chinese embassy in Jeju issued Tip: visa-free area does not mean free entry and exit, to be provided with valid and valid passports, itinerary and real accommodation information, etc .; clothes may also be rejected. Consulate has been in communication with the ROK on the matter.

Wei Lijiao 9 told the “Global Times” reporter, during the Golden Week, the specific number of Chinese tourists refused entry, stranded, the embassy has not yet been South Korean official briefing. Jeju Island, although the visa-free, but to provide hotel orders, round-trip air tickets, itinerary and other accurate information, there are specific requirements for baggage, these issues are the official interpretation of South Korea, the consulate has no right to interfere with local authorities law enforcement. Wei Lijiao said that the small black house is actually “back to the standby room”, which is not imprisonment. In the “dark house” period, Chinese tourists can communicate with the consulate, most of the consultation blocked how to deal with. If it is unfairly treated, evidence can be collected and resolved through judicial channels.

A travel agency in Beijing, a practitioner on the 9th told the “Global Times” reporter, Jeju Island visa-free Chinese tourists, as long as a good passport, paper round-trip air tickets, hotel orders, at any time to the destination immigration staff to produce, has a problem. But it is entirely up to the South Korean Customs to decide whether or not visa-free visitors are allowed to enter the country. “Sometimes it will be very loose, but at a glance, it will be tightened.”

South Korean media did not report the Chinese tourists were off “black house” incident itself, but widely reported in China, the South Korean media began to pay attention to the matter, but that the Chinese media “deliberate speculation.” KBS 7, said South Korean media, Chinese media focused on the National Day visit to South Korea during the transfer passengers were detained in the incident. Kwak and other three people in Daegu airport because no visa was detained for 24 hours, and expelled from home. Daegu Airport believes that these three people have not been able to prove their identity or witnesses or guides, so that they are “no personal tourist visa,” and therefore decided to detain and expel.

South Korean “Central Daily” reported on the 7th, in the Chinese National Day 7 days holiday is coming to an end, the Chinese media on South Korea’s most eye-catching is undoubtedly the two news: one is three turn to Jeju Island, Chinese tourists in Daegu Airport Was “black house” and was repatriated, the other is the Korean Consumer Protection Institute, said nearly half of semi-permanent Korean cosmetics quality unqualified. The article said that the recent Chinese public opinion on the negative news of South Korea continued after the Samsung mobile phone recalled the incident had been a fierce explosion. There are worries that, as China and South Korea because of “Sade” issue and the discord of the time, “the Chinese media is through this way to vent their dissatisfaction with South Korea.”

According to South Korean official reports, during the Golden Week 25 million Chinese tourists to Korea tourism. Tourism Bureau of the Chinese future research vice president Liu Simin 9th to accept the “Global Times” interview, said tourism can be said to be a civil diplomacy, the people to enhance understanding and enhance communication channels, so do not let tourism become a battlefield. Liu Sumin said that the key to evaluating the “black house incident” lies in three points: First of all, if you really suspect that some tourists suspected of sneaking and refused entry, it is within the scope of Korean sovereignty, any sovereign state in the world have this right . Second, after the prohibition of entry, the relevant personnel in the process of being placed in the repatriation must be treated in a humane way, in this regard, South Korea is not to be impeccable? Thirdly, the consulate should provide consular protection to tourists, based on the facts, the law as the yardstick, do everything possible to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens. At the same time, the media should be restrained and reasonable guidance.

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