Korean media: Korean tourists to China for the first time in 18 years or because of the South announced the deployment of “Sade”

According to Korean media said that in August the Korean tourists to China, “the first decline in 18 years,” suspected to be the deployment of “Sade” effect. South Korean public opinion on the “Sade” controversy heating up again, many Koreans think their country has become a Sino-US wrestling in the “hostage.” “South Korea Sade is the United States wrapped around the python of China and Russia,” Russia “today’s economic network,” said. Former South Korean Foreign Minister Song Min-sun believes that “Sad” after the deployment, “China is difficult and South Korea to maintain friendly relations.”

According to “The New York Times” reported that “Saad” system deployment caused a high degree of heat within the Republic of Korea, many Koreans believe that their country has become a Sino-US wrestling in the “hostage.” Opposition leaders believe that the “Sad” system “no military use”, is a kind of China to Pyongyang “political missteps.” Although the South Korean president made a tough stance, stressed that does not rule out the implementation of pre-emptive strike against the DPRK, but the South Korean President must also be fully aware of the post-war humanitarian disaster is the key issue. If tens of millions of Korean people into South Korea, South Korea’s existing national strength can solve the Korean refugees?

According to South Korea, “Chosun Ilbo” reported on the 24th, perhaps by South Korea announced the deployment of “Sade,” the impact of Chinese tourists in August to travel to Korea declined, compared with July decreased by 5%, which is the first time in 18 years a similar situation. South Korean tourism-related industry, said after the worry that the South Korean government announced the deployment of “Sade” may bring the consequences of reduced Chinese tourists, this concern seems to be becoming a reality. Overseas travel is generally scheduled one month in advance tickets, the South Korean government announced the deployment of “Sade” is the time on July 8, so Chinese tourists began to decrease from August. Asked anonymity, a South Korean duty-free store executives said that in 2012 when President Lee Myung-bak visited Dokdo, Japanese tourists plummeted, he was worried that “Sade” will lead to similar things. In fact, since July 8, the South Korean government announced the deployment of “Sade”, the July 27, more than 300 Chinese people cancel the “Daegu Chicken Oktoberfest”, in September more than 3,000 Chinese group tourists also canceled the Russian World Cup South Korea to watch the war.
China International Travel Service, Liu Chengtou, said in an interview with Global Times that the number of Chinese tourists to South Korea declined because of the “Sade” problem. “We can see in some of the usual data.” But China International Travel Service Liu door of a staff member told the “Global Times”, recently did not feel the number of tourists to the South reduced. Liao Chao, a researcher at the Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences, told the Global Times that the Sad system is bound to crack down on political and diplomatic relations between China and South Korea. In this atmosphere, China and South Korea will also be affected in economic exchanges. The so-called “political cold by hot” situation, tourism, non-governmental exchanges will be met.

[Global Times in Korea, South Korea special correspondent Zhou Zhiran Wang Wei Global Times reporter Xing Xiao Jing Ni Hao Feng Guochuan Liu Yupeng]

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