Large number of farmers “is urbanization” artificially pushing up the rate of urbanization in some areas

Although the central repeated demands to emphasize and promote new urbanization can not rely on administrative orders, engage in sports-style, but the “Economic Information Daily” reporters found that in many interviews, some places down to every level, mutual competition, adjust diameter, there is a high urbanization rate artificially push digital chaos, new urbanization level and quality of influence continued to improve.

Meanwhile, the farmers’ land contract rights, homestead right to use the “three rights” Paid exit channels are sluggish, the land market is shrinking, supporting policies lag increased financing and other issues, to become the new town construction resistance, the pilot needs to accelerate the reform of urbanization construction of new impetus.

Large number of farmers “is urbanization”

Many areas in promoting household registration reform process, synchronized with a county district, township withdrawal set up neighborhood. With the statistical change, a large number of farmers “is urbanization.” Even other towns of the work is not carried out, but also make household population urbanization rate steadily.

A capital city in the north, “second five” household population urbanization rate almost “zero growth”, but “Thirteen Five” planning objectives have to be increased by 8 percentage points. Local departments responsible to the “Economic Information Daily” reporters, “Thirteen Five” goal of urbanization is leading with reference to the province and around the city planning goals set, “but said the truth, combined with past practice, coupled with the current economic downturn complete this indicator is unlikely. ”

Since the farmers into the city do not want to move their household universal phenomenon, coupled with the lack of an effective starting point for the work to improve the household population urbanization rate throughout the work becomes generally reflect the difficult work. Some areas will increase household population urbanization rate, hopes statistical adjustment, such conduct county districts, townships withdrawal set up neighborhood.

As early as 2004, Shenzhen had to Bao’an and Longgang District revoke all town formed, all the villagers into urban residents, became the first no countryside, no farmer city. Then “overnight urbanization” in the industry but also caused a lot of controversy.

“Economic Information Daily” reporter learned that the urban population in the current household registration statistics, mainly based on the number of non-agricultural household statistics, some urban villages, rural outskirts of the city is still agricultural household registration. At present, many regions in promoting household registration reform, the elimination of agricultural and non-agricultural hukou difference, unified resident accounts.

Insiders said the abolition of non-agricultural household, the household registration of all urban demographic population divided according to the civil affairs department within the town area. This means that the villages, cities and towns in rural districts suburbs will become the domicile of the urban population.

By adjusting the statistical Anhui household population urbanization rate in 2014 from 22.7% in 2015 increased to 27.6%; Changchun City, household population urbanization rate has increased about 3 percentage points.

New urbanization functional departments in some areas represented by the county districts, suburban large rural population all statistics for the urban household population, so we can guarantee the household population urbanization rate indicators completed on schedule.

Land and Population “imbalance” intensified

For a long time, the representative of urban expansion land urbanization rate, far faster than the rate of population urbanization, China’s new urbanization is a major ills. In recent years, urban construction land grew faster than population growth momentum is still further enlarged.

National Development and Reform Commission data show that from 2010 to 2014, China’s urban population growth of 2.84 percent annually, an average annual increase of urban construction land area of 5.89 percentage points, a difference of more than 3 percentage points.

NDRC Territorial Development and Regional Economic Research Institute, former president Xiao Jincheng and other industry experts said that the land of urbanization is faster than the direct cause of population urbanization rate, that many cities and towns pie, leading to high inventory of real estate, the new district became a ghost town , industrial parks abandoned long grass, low land use efficiency, “some counties unrealistic urban planning population size, the county’s population concentrated in urban planning can not achieve the goal.”

It is worth noting that a large number of farmers in urbanization moved to towns, while rural depopulation, rural residential land has increased. “National new urbanization plan (2014-2020 years)” The data show that in 2000-2011 133 million people of rural depopulation, rural residential land increased by 3045 hectares.

Hubei Liu, city water village town, the village 781 villagers, 252 have two and the presence of a phenomenon over the homestead, accounting for nearly one-third. Industry experts said that urban construction land sprawl and rural construction land not fall “two squeeze” phenomenon, it will pose a serious threat of arable land red line.

Many grass-roots cadres, said the process of promoting the new urbanization, involving reform of the rural land system of land contract and management rights, the right to use the homestead, the collective income distribution right “three rights” exit mechanism poor, restricting household population urbanization rate lift key obstacles.

In Wuhan and the purchase of more than a decade Yang Hao settled standard already attained, but he has been reluctant to move accounts from his hometown in Shandong Rural Wuhan. He said that while home ten acres of land and more than 300 square meters homestead worthless, but as long as the account to move out of the village going directly back, “unproductive rural land exit, not as remain, anyway, zero cost.”

Yanji City of Jilin Province in the town of Chaoyang glorious stone mountain village party secretary, said that although the state of farmers settled into the city clearly does not necessarily need to quit “three rights”, but have the right to contract land for future policy will be adjusted, the farmers also on the sidelines, “So nearly half villagers in the city purchase, the account can stay in the village. ”

Some experts said that at present in addition to the regular compensation for land requisition to obtain exit, and a few areas in Chongqing and other aid “to vote” Paid exit homestead, the “three powers” How to take the initiative to withdraw lack of institutional arrangements, resulting in a large number of agricultural population transfer “rather abandonment of land, rural housing vacancy, do not want to move out of account from the countryside. ”

New urbanization increased the difficulty of financing

“The current government borrowing, land indicators are tightening, coupled with revenue growth slowed, resulting in an increase in constraints, supporting lag, lack of motivation.” Urbanization work person in charge of the pilot areas admitted.

“Economic Information Daily” correspondent research found that, as a farmer near the town of the main battlefield, revenue Midwest towns is generally not high, most are “eating” the financial, agricultural population transfer costs borne funds rely mainly on land revenue. The current four-tier cities real estate has not yet out of the “winter”, urban land market apathetic, new urbanization funds more tense.

Reporters interviewed recently at the northeast, local experience is a high-speed rail project Metro worry about a county-level city Urbanization Office official Zhou (a pseudonym). The government hopes to land revenue, attract social capital to participate in the service area of minority tourism projects, and approached the central rate, etc., including some 45 companies, it has not yet reached a preliminary agreement. Zhou said that now social capital are not optimistic about the expected return of the land, plus the cautious investment expansion, land for infrastructure practices more difficult.

According to “2015 Land and Resources Communique” data show that in 2015 the country to sell 221,400 hectares of state-owned construction land, the contract price to sell 2.98 trillion yuan, up respectively 20.2% and 13.3%. Shaanxi New West Ham, deputy director of the CMC and other grass-roots cadres Liu Yubin said in the past the real estate business, “turn around the government”, now part of a large number of second-tier and lower tier cities real estate is still in the inventory digestion period, the number of land prices double down, grass-roots increased urbanization financing more difficult.

Lack of nearby towns of supporting policies, is reflected in many areas of concentrated barriers. Some provinces and municipalities Development and Reform Commission official said, although the state push for the introduction of a large number of new urbanization policy, but the actual situation and the operating capacity of grassroots departure, only land linked to changes and policy bank loans that can use two, the rest are scattered in the high threshold in various sectors such as sponges city, underground pipe gallery, etc., small amount of project funding.

Many grass-roots staff noted that fiscal transfer payment grassroots urgent expectations of construction land, infrastructure investment arrangements and the number of agricultural population transfer “three linked” Rules delay the introduction of these policies supporting issues must be tackled, and then to new urbanization new impetus.

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