Lop Nur 3 skeptics: Why carry the 1960 “Luoyang Daily”?

The core facts The police in finishing relics, also found a September 13, 1960 issue of “Luoyang Daily”. The reporter found the September 13, 1960 issue of “Luoyang Daily”, found that the newspaper has been yellowed, for the four edition, the total 1650.

After the Qinghai and Sichuan police co-ordination and visits to investigate, and ultimately determine that this remains is likely to be a man named “Li Zhonghua” in the desert in the desert of a man lying in the desert more than 50 years of human remains, Of the Sichuan-Pakistani men.

According to the Qinghai Mangyong police reorganization remains with the remains found, in addition to letters, there is a 1960 “Luoyang Daily” cause more attention, it was said that suspected “Li Zhonghua” behind the remains, it seems there are other secrets . December 1, Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters through the linkage with the media reporter in Luoyang, Henan Province, to find the year of the “Luoyang Daily”, but the newspaper content of the day, does not seem to be special, the newspaper content temporarily It is difficult to link with Li Zhonghua.

Mangya police and Pakistani police said that in order to further determine whether the remains of this desert is Li Zhonghua himself, the two police will do next DNA identification.

Unanswered questions

Why carry

1960 “Luoyang Daily”?

■ reporter survey: the day the newspaper did not find anything to him (Li Zhonghua) identity linked.

In recent days, Qinghai Province Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Mangya Administrative Committee (referred to as “Mang Ya line”) Public Security Bureau official WeChat released a “special tracing” information, so that one in the Mantian Tai Lantan lying 50 The remains of the rest of the year have sparked concerns.

November 30, after the police in Sichuan Bazhong multi-investigation visit, initially speculated that the victims may be called Li Zhonghua, Pakistani people. Li Zhonghua Deng Guangming to the Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters recalled the summer of 1958, Li Zhonghua and no one at home and say hello “leave without a break,” the day after the cut grass home, until the evening meal also saw her husband back, and then has been No news of her husband.

It is noteworthy that, Mangya police relics in order, also found a September 13, 1960 issue of the “Luoyang Daily”, the newspaper has caused a lot of incomplete attention. 1, Chengdu China Daily reporter linkage Luoyang Evening News reporter, found in September 13, 1960 published the “Luoyang Daily.” Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters found that the newspaper has been yellowed, for the four editions, the total 1650. The headline of the day was “Chairman Mao met and celebrated President Toure,” the other pages of the contents include “Los in support of agricultural boom”, “African national independence movement of good situation” and so on. “We carefully examined the newspaper of the day, but did not find anything to link with his (Li Zhonghua) identity.” Luoyang Evening News reporter to help read the newspaper, said.

However, Li Zhonghua’s family told the Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporter, Li Zhonghua does have some culture, can read the newspaper, and Lee then left home to work, also heard people mention him to Hebei, Henan, Xinjiang and other places, but specific Whereabouts of the family line, is not very clear.

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