Mainland germinal “micro letter red envelope” cited “bribery storm”? Hong Kong big controversy

A “micro letter red envelope”, a “bribery election storm”? A number of Hong Kong-based media reported on Hong Kong’s “micro-credit red envelopes” storm over the past few days. The reason was that a mainland student made a WeChat red envelope during the election.

According to Hong Kong “Sing Tao Daily” reported that the University of Hong Kong University Council postgraduate student representatives held at the end of the month, the mainland graduate Zhu Ke to 654 successful re-election, won 410 votes Wu Kun Tai and the other two. Wu Kun Tai accused Zhu in the micro-group distributed red envelopes canvassing, suspected of bribery. After the meeting of the HKU School Committee, the complaint was rejected by 9 votes in favor of 7 votes against Wu Kun Tai. It is reported that some members believe that Zhuke sent a red envelope is 80 yuan to 100 people, but up to two yuan per person, the amount of insignificant, not enough to vote about other people’s intentions.

The University of Hong Kong Student Union, the Faculty and Staff Association and the Alumni Concern Group initiated a joint effort to request the HKU Board of Education to openly account for the findings of the adjudication and conduct an investigation into the incident. Over 2400 responses were received. Zhu said in response to Facebook, “Newport YMCA” WeChat group from Hong Kong after graduating from the major institutions of the development of young people to stay in Hong Kong, members have graduated, not a qualified Hong Kong University graduate voters. The micro-red envelope is the cost of publicity subsidies, the maximum amount of not more than two yuan. As for the other two groups, he did not explain whether the membership includes the Hong Kong University graduate voters.

Some people think that this is a “habit, entertainment,” Hong Kong and the Mainland cultural differences and contradictions have been set off again. Hong Kong media said, Hong Kong people see “micro letter red envelopes”, some people think this is unbearable bribery.

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