Manhattan explosion 26 people injured: Emergency deafening hundreds of people to flee

BEIJING, Sept. 18, according to foreign media reports, the New York fire department, said the evening local time, 17, a Manhattan, New York’s Chelsea neighborhood trash suspected explosive device was put in the explosion led to 26 people were slightly injured. After the incident, emergency personnel rushed to the downtown area.

It is reported that New York City police and firefighters rushed to the scene and have already launched an investigation cause of the explosion. Site of the blasts in a busy street in Chelsea.

New York media quoted police sources said the explosion was served by an explosive device in the trash triggered, resulting in 26 people suffered minor injuries, but no life-threatening. In addition, near the rear window of a car also were broken.
Explosion occurred in the evening of 17 around 8:30, near the neighbor called the explosion “deafening.” Hundreds of people fled after the explosion of an emergency on the block, and the police have cordoned off the area.

There when the explosion occurred after members of the public, “he said a loud explosion shook the eardrum pain. My 10-year-old son sitting in the back seat, behind the explosion shattering the windows.”

The community also home heard a loud explosion, blast caused huge shake and smell the smoke.

New York police issued a bulletin to remind motorists explosion possible traffic congestion area, and suggested the public to avoid the area. Police also trash the other areas to be checked in case there are still bombs.

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