Media: “airborne” Shanxi “Tiger Girl” Huang Xiaowei rose

Huang Xiaowei rose.

Concerned about the current affairs of the small partners should be very familiar with the name, read the next time, the political circle had to lament the time too coincidence. A year ago on October 11, we pushed the “Shanxi Province Commission for Discipline Inspection” Huang Xiaowei “airborne” this year ”

A year later, “airborne” Shanxi Huang Xiaowei career two years with the new changes. It is worth mentioning that, the date of the appointment, Huang Xiaowei that the new identity to work.

Shanxi further

Huang Xiaowei’s new identity is what I believe we all want to know, the political and intellectual circles do not sell off, and deputy secretary of Shanxi Provincial Party Committee.

According to the Shanxi News Network reported: Today (October 11) afternoon, (Shanxi) Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection held a meeting of cadres, announced the Central Commission on Discipline Inspection of the main leading comrades of the decision to adjust: the central decision, Comrade Huang Xiaowei Shanxi Provincial Party Committee, No longer served as secretary of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection; Comrade Ren Jianhua, member of the Shanxi Provincial Committee, Standing Committee, Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection.

Deputy secretary of the post has been vacant for a long time. In August, Li Xiaopeng retired from office in Shanxi Province, Shanxi Province, deputy secretary of the floor, Yang took over, Shanxi Province, Shanxi Province, a number of party and government adjustment, Wang Rulin retired as the provincial party secretary of the provincial office by the Qinghai Provincial Committee of the original secretary Luo Huining took over; Full-time deputy secretary of provincial vacancies.

It is worth mentioning that, Wang Rulin and Huang Xiaowei belong to the “fire team.” September 1, 2014, Wang Rulin from the Jilin Provincial Party Committee Secretary of the “airborne” Shanxi, the 30th of the month, Huang Xiaowei from the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, deputy director of the Ministry of Supervision “airborne” Shanxi. At that time, and Huang Xiaowei the same day into the Shanxi Provincial Standing Committee of the team are Wuzheng Long, Sun Shaocheng, Wang Wei, Fu Jianhua, Shanxi provincial Party committee so big shake-up, and thus open political and ecological reconstruction of Shanxi.

To say one thing, Wang Rulin, Li Xiaopeng left Shanxi, are inaugurated in Beijing. Wang Rulin as the National People’s Congress Vice Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Affairs; Li Xiaopeng is the new traffic minister, deputy party secretary.

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