Media: rely on wages of middle-income groups have been repeatedly as high-income groups

The reason why people are more sensitive to 12 million, the key is, due to the lack of middle-income, high-income standards clearly defined, and a large number of middle-class worry about accidentally “high income”.

These two days from the financial and tax system of experts, “12 million is high income,” the “rumor”, and claimed that the so-called no middle class or high income standard definition.

Lack of middle and high income clearly defined

However, the event was aroused strong public attention, but also precisely because of the lack of middle-income, high-income standards clearly defined, and a large number of middle-class worry that accidentally “high income”. The middle class’s fear is not groundless, even without official official high-income standard lines, people also believe that there is a de facto high-income standard line, and that the existence of hidden high-income standard line will be directly related to many policies.

12 million will be mistaken for high-income dividing line, an intuitive impression is from the State Administration of Taxation required a tax return. In 2006 the introduction of the “personal income tax self-reporting method (for Trial Implementation)”, the State Administration of Taxation provides self-declaration of the standard is 12 million. 2010, the State Administration of Taxation “on further strengthening the management of high-income individuals in the collection of personal income tax,” once again, the annual income of more than 120,000 yuan taxpayers to declare their own taxpayers is a statutory obligation to strengthen the high-income tax collection and management of important initiatives .

Many people will ask, since a tax declaration is to strengthen the management of high-income earners, if 12 million is not high income, but also to declare what we do, this is not a waste of public time, a waste of administrative resources? The tax department directly asked the target in the high-income groups to declare is not more direct.

Misunderstandings are not just the media and the general public, but also some scholars and experts. Chinese Society of Labor Su Hainan, vice president of 2013 published an article in the media, also recommended that the definition of middle-income standards in the annual income of 60,000 -12 million. (Equivalent to nearly $ 10,000 to $ 18,000).

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