Ministry of Public Security: more than 10 million major cases are Taiwan Telecom fraud Group

December 2015, Guizhou Province, Duyun City Economic Development Zone Construction Bureau by criminals posing as Shanghai City Procuratorate deceived 117 million yuan (the case has been broken). Telecom frauds often succeeded behind, what kind of fraud trick?


Over the past 10 years, China’s telecommunications fraud cases to 20% -30% annual rate of rapid growth. In 2015, the national public security organs set up 590,000 telecommunications fraud cases, up 32.5% year on year, resulting in economic losses of 22.2 billion yuan.

January to July this year, a total of 35.5 million telecommunications fraud cases, an increase of 36.4%, resulting in losses of 11.42 billion yuan.

Since 2013, a total of more than 10 million yuan of fraud fraud cases, 104 cases, 23 million cases of more than one million yuan.

Taiwan suspect confession traffic dens in Africa

Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, telecommunications network fraud is contactless crime, the victim is generally deceived from receiving a phone or information. One end of the phone is the victim, the other is a well-organized, fine division of fraud criminal gangs.

Taiwan Taoyuan Jane is a public security organs in April this year, the mainland from Kenya escorted back to one of 77 telecommunications fraud suspects. His criminal gang will be located in remote Africa traffic dens, specifically for the mainland people to implement fraud.

“We are divided into first-line, second-line and third-line.” Jane a confession, they claim to “company”, the boss and key members are Taiwanese, well-organized, clear division of labor. Frontline officers posing as post offices, courier companies, telecommunications companies; second-line officers posing as police; third-line officers posing as prosecutors or financial sector;

Police handling the case, the scammers through the network to change the phone number and contact the victim, showing the mainland government departments or public security organs of the phone. Once the victim was lured to transfer funds to a designated bank account, the owner (gang boss) command of Taiwan’s “water room” (transfer dens), through the Internet banking to pyramid-like decomposition of several layers of accounts, the organization of a number Taiwan “riders” (withdrawers) in Taiwan crazy to withdraw money. Gold master to get money and then in accordance with the agreed ratio, to the phone dens, “water room” “drivers” and other “wages.”

And criminals in the overseas implementation of the telecommunications fraud cases, the domestic telecom fraud cases are mostly individual or small workshop workers way,

Ministry of Public Security data show that foreign telecom fraud is mainly organized and implemented by the people of Taiwan, accounting for mainland telecommunications fraud, the total number of 20% of the loss of 50%. More than 10 million major cases are basically the implementation of Taiwan Telecom fraud.

Tsinghua Professor deceived foreign telephone number change landing

In recent years, the incidence also shows that in order to increase deceptive, criminals closely follow the social hot spots, carefully designed trick “script”, tailored for different groups, from “Guess Who” “You have a court summons” to student loans , Conscription, etc., varied. With the increasingly serious disclosure of personal information, criminals from the past, “spread the net”, not to find fraud targets, and gradually developed to obtain victims of identity information “precision fraud.”

Statistics show that the current telecommunications fraud has invaded 31 provinces and autonomous regions and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, the victims cover all ages, various occupations.

A large number of cases show that the relevant industry regulation, network management, there are management loopholes, to telecom fraud crazy spread of space. For example, the recent concern of Tsinghua University professor deceived 17.6 million yuan case, the victim received the phone number shown in Beijing, the actual use of criminals in the dens outside the Beijing Telecom sales agents of a “trunk service” access.

“Change the number of calls in the country successfully landed, largely to telecom operators in order to fame and fortune, the server and trunk business layers of rental, foreign telephone number is not changed to intercept, filter.” Hunan Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Corps Deputy detachment Guo Jianhua detachment told reporters.

Eradication of cancer in the action to intercept funds involved 1 billion

Faced with such a rampant telecommunications fraud, there is no solution? The answer is yes.

More innovation around the show is constantly appearing effective. In Beijing, since the second half of 2015, police cooperation to combat against the telecommunications network to combat fraud information platform, as of mid-May this year, has blocked more than 35 million bank accounts across the country to intercept funds involved in more than 1 billion yuan, and one after another Return the deceived masses.

“Telecommunications fraud must have three streams of support, that is, information flow of capital flow and personnel flow.” Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Bureau deputy inspector Chen Shiqu said that the key to combat telecommunications fraud, is to change the traditional model, The relevant departments to form a joint force, from the source control “information flow” and “capital flow” to maximize the spread of crime, the proliferation of compressed space.

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