Ministry of Public Security wanted five telecom fraud guilty of five people have been brought to the case are surrendered

Beijing, 29 Sep (Xinhua) – On 29 September, the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China informed Wang Zhijie and Xie Jianhai that the Ministry of Public Security wanted to surrender to the public security organs. Since the Ministry of Public Security on September 26 focus on the release of Class A wanted to publicly wanted 10 large telecommunications network fraud suspects, as of now, there are five people in the case, are surrendered.

In June 2013, the suspect Wang Zhihui (male, 28 years old, Fujian Shishi people) in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, incorporated Quanzhou Hongde Communication Technology Co., Ltd., agent of communications-related business. Since December 2015, Wang Zhihui in order to obtain greater benefits, recruited more than 30 salesmen, posing as China Mobile customer service personnel to 398 yuan in exchange for 400 yuan recharge card and a juicer and other gifts as bait, cheating Fujian , Zhejiang, Hunan and Guangdong provinces more than 10,000 Chinese mobile users a total of 600 million yuan.

Putian City, Fujian Province Public Security Bureau on file for investigation, has in Quanzhou City, Shishi City, two fraud scam captured more than 30 suspects, the principal Wang Zhihui fled. At 21:00 on September 28, forced by the Ministry of Public Security A-level arrest warrant pressure, the suspect Wang Zhihui in Putian City, Fujian Province, surrendered to the public security organs.
June 2, 2016, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, posing as a “public security organs,” the implementation of the telecommunications network fraud case, the victim Yao Moumou cheated remittance 500 million. The public security organs in Jiangsu Province found that Xie Jianhai (male, 28 years old, Longyan, Fujian) suspected of committing a major crime, but also found that he was suspected of committing money laundering with others for telecommunications network fraud gang involving up to 100 million yuan. 9 月 29 日 2 am, forced by the Ministry of Public Security A-level arrest warrant deterrence and public security organs of the pursuit of pressure, the suspect Xie Jianhai in Xiamen City, Fujian Province to the hunt group surrendered.

At present, the case is under further review.

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