Mobile source pollution supervision and inadequate protection of environmental protection departments have no road hailed permission

Into the autumn and winter, fog haze weather again frequency Beijing and Tianjin and other regions. Governance of air pollution, it is necessary to fight a protracted war, but also a tough fight. God does not help, people have to work hard. Effective control of air pollution, we must start from the source, to take targeted measures. From the practice point of view, mobile sources, scattered coal, dust pollution, straw burning is the next step to deepen the focus of air pollution control and the key. From today, the newspaper published a series of reports, an objective analysis of the pollution around the status quo and difficulties, not only talk about experience, problems, and more actively explore governance measures to promote these difficult problems to solve.

Since autumn and winter, including the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, including China’s eastern and northeastern regions frequently encountered heavy polluting weather. As one of the important factors leading to heavy polluted weather, mobile pollution sources, including motor vehicles and off-road mobile machinery, have become the focus of attention.

Mobile pollution sources can not control it? To control what aspects need to send force? Thinking of these problems will help to enhance the prevention and control of mobile pollution sources targeted to speed up our air pollution control process.

Duocuobingju, mobile source pollution control speed

In order to effectively control mobile source pollution, in recent years, from the state to the local government has been active. “12th Five-Year Plan” clearly put forward to strengthen the management of vehicle exhaust, the State Council has issued a “Air Pollution Prevention Action Plan” and a series of documents, from the new vehicle emission standards to strengthen the motor vehicle environmental management, revise the relevant laws Regulations, improve fuel quality, accelerate the elimination of yellow cars and old cars and other aspects, a strong impetus to the vehicle pollutant emission reduction.

Strict emission standards. In 2000, China began to implement state-level motor vehicle emission standards, and now the country five stages, has been more than a decade. Currently six countries are developing standards. Hu Jingnan, a researcher at the Institute of Atmospheric Environment at the China Academy of Environmental Sciences, who has been involved in the research on pollution control for mobile sources for many years, said that the average emission standard for motor vehicles every four years has been improved. “This rate is still very fast.”

The promotion of standards has promoted the progress of motor vehicle emission control technology. From the three-way catalytic technology to OBD technology (on-board diagnostic system) and SCR technology of heavy-duty diesel vehicles (emission post-treatment technology), the pollution control technology is becoming more and more accurate and the pollution of motor vehicles can be greatly reduced. “Light-duty petrol vehicles and heavy-duty diesel vehicles on the standard, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides, these three pollutants and the initial reduction compared to 70% to 80%. Without these standards continue to promote, motor vehicles Pollution is certainly much more serious than it is now. “Hu Jingnan said.

Improve laws and regulations. From the national level to the local level, have introduced a series of laws and regulations, a strong impetus to the mobile pollution prevention and control work carried out.

At the national level, in 2015 the implementation of the new amendments to the “Air Pollution Prevention Law” on the mobile source pollution prevention regulations, content richer. In the motor vehicle pollution control, not only the new car access, for the production of consistency, compliance with the use of also made a clear request, and fully embodies the “car, oil, road” integrated management ideas. In the non-road mobile sources, but also has a richer and more operational specific provisions. At the local level, in 2015, Jiangsu Province, Anhui Province and Tianjin City issued air pollution prevention and control regulations, Xi’an and Qiqihar City issued a motor vehicle pollution prevention and control regulations, Xining City and Jingmen City introduced a motor vehicle pollution control management approach, The local motor vehicle pollution prevention and control has made clear provisions.

Increase supervision. At present, China has initially established a new type of production of motor vehicle environmental protection approval, environmental compliance monitoring, in the use of motor vehicle environmental testing, environmental labeling and yellow standard cars accelerated out of a series of environmental management system. At present, many cities use the annual inspection, road inspection, road inspection, remote sensing monitoring and a series of means, and increased the yellow standard cars and old vehicles out of the intensity.

Since 2011, Beijing has been out of yellow standard car, the old car 2.172 million. Beijing introduced policies this year, early retirement of the old motor vehicle owners to give the car are 8,000 yuan subsidy, a strong impetus to the old car out, to the end of October, Beijing eliminated a total of 340,000 high-emission old motor vehicles, is expected to be Emission reduction of 40,000 tons of pollutants. Tianjin on August 1 this year introduced the greatest efforts to scrap car subsidy policy, according to 10 different models were given different amounts of subsidy standards. Implementation of the past two months, Tianjin, about 67,000 vehicles have been registered and up to mandatory retirement standards. Hebei Province to take a variety of policies, 2015 out of the yellow standard car 210,000. Shijiazhuang City, from January 1, 2015, a comprehensive ban on the yellow standard car in the urban areas within the Third Ring Road and the city and county driving, and the exhaust gas detection of two consecutive non-compliance of the yellow standard car mandatory scrapped, and The introduction of subsidies to the initiative to phase out the yellow standard car to give 6000 ~ 18000 yuan subsidy, according to the plan, to the end of 2017, the city all yellow cars will be completely eliminated.

A lot of problems still need to play regulatory efforts

“Although China has made a lot of control in the mobile source pollution control work, but the total number of motor vehicles remain high, and coordination mechanisms, regulatory capacity and other key aspects of the short board, the management segmentation is not conducive to play a regulatory force , The effect of governance has been a certain limit. “Environmental Protection Department of Environmental and Economic Policy Research Center for Climate Change Policy Research Department, said Feng Xiangzhao, deputy director.

In recent years, China’s motor vehicle population showed a rapid growth trend. To Beijing, for example, so far, the total motor vehicle in Beijing has reached 5.7 million, vehicle emissions of pollutants has become the primary factor in PM2.5. Chengdu, Sichuan Province, the current car ownership has more than 4 million, ranking second in the country, making the exhaust pollution has become extremely severe.

Data show that in 2010 to 2015, China’s motor vehicle average annual growth of 6.5%, the average annual growth rate of vehicles is reached 15.9%. In 2015, China’s motor vehicle ownership reached 279 million. Hu Jingnan said that to control motor vehicle pollution, we must vigorously develop new energy vehicles, to develop public transport.

Regulatory deficiencies still exist. The most typical example of this is the environmental protection department without road hailing authority, on the road to check the need to meet the public security traffic control department. When conducting inspection on the parked vehicle, it is necessary to cooperate with the department in charge of transportation and other industries. Feng Xiangzhao said that with the mobile source pollution control task more difficult, more and more law enforcement, environmental protection departments and public security urgent need to traffic control, transportation and other relevant departments to establish long-term joint enforcement mechanism.

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