NASA and Hawking to build interplanetary spacecraft speed of 60,000 km per second

NASA has teamed up with Stephen Hawking, a famous British physicist, to build a nano-craft that can fly at one-fifth the speed of light.

British “Independent” reported on the 11th, the nano-aircraft will fly 20 years to the nearest solar system, one of the stars next to the star.

Hawking on April 12 this year in New York announced the launch of “breakthrough in the shooting” program, with the Russian businessman Yuri Milner, the US social networking site founder Mark Zuckerberg cooperation in the construction of one-fifth the speed of light fly To the adjacent star of the miniature spacecraft.

According to reports, plans to build the nano-aircraft to computer chip “Star” for the hull. The chip is only 23 cm square, a few grams of weight, but integrated camera, photon thruster, navigation and transmission components. Chip will be installed on the “light sail,” the metaphor of metaphor, through the ground to launch high-energy laser-assisted propulsion, “light sail” can absorb laser energy, driving micro-ship forward.

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