Net about the New Deal and a number of new regulations such as the implementation of these regulations you need attention

The first anti-fog haze mask national standard landing, the future anti-fog haze masks and then want to “fish in troubled waters” to be difficult; in the new network, 800 km of the following routes and 800 km above the part of the route fares will be developed independently by the airlines according to law …… Since today, a number of new regulations began to implement, involving many aspects of social life, which can be done, which is prohibited, Reminded the public and relevant organizations to pay attention.

Net about the New Deal officially launched today who can operate the network about the car? ]

Ministry of Transport and other seven departments jointly promulgated the “network booking taxi service management Interim Measures” will be implemented on November 1. “Interim Measures” will be about the car this innovative car into the scope of management, from the national level for the first time a clear legal status of the network car.

According to the provisions of the private car to switch to the car network need to meet the following basic conditions: 7 and below passenger cars; installation of a driving record of the vehicle satellite positioning device, emergency alarm device; vehicle technical performance in line with operational safety standards. At the same time, the network car mileage of about 600,000 km to force the scrapped; mileage did not reach 60 million km, but the use of life to 8 years, the withdrawal of the network operators.

The provisions of the net about the car driver is also clear the following requirements: to obtain the appropriate quasi-driving motor vehicle driver’s license and has more than 3 years driving experience; no traffic accident crime, dangerous driving criminal records, no drug records, no drinking driving records, No record of 12 points in 3 consecutive scoring cycles; no violent crime record; other conditions stipulated by the city people’s government.

[China’s first anti-haze masks standard implementation of child standards blank]

A wide range of products, the lack of uniform standards, the current masks market chaos clusters, a lot of anti-PM2.5 name of the product name, protective effect is not ideal, the future anti-fog masks and then want to “fish in troubled waters” difficult.

“Daily protective mask technical specifications,” the national standard, will be November 1 from the formal implementation. This is China’s first national standard for protective masks. It is worth noting that the standard expressly “does not apply to infants, children respiratory protective equipment.”

Protective effect is the core of the standard indicators. Protection effect level is based on national air quality standards set in the air quality category, from low to high were divided into four levels: D, C, B, A level. In accordance with the provisions of the national standard, after wearing masks can be inhaled PM2.5 concentration reduced to 75 micrograms per cubic meter below, so that after inhalation of the air quality of the filter to achieve good and above level, is qualified.

[Civil aviation fare reform: 800 km following routes to achieve custom fares]

Notice issued by the Civil Aviation Administration, the National Development and Reform Commission issued on November 1, notification requirements to further expand the market to adjust the price range of routes, 800 km of the following routes, 800 km or more of the air passenger transport fares to deepen the reform, And the formation of high-speed train EMU train competition routes passenger transport fares by the airlines independently developed.

At the same time, the airlines to develop and adjust the market price adjustment route specific fare types, levels, conditions, at least 7 days in advance to the public. On the basis of the whole fare, the rate of increase of airline ticket price shall not exceed 10%, and the route of fares for each season shall not exceed 10.

[Medical quality management clear responsibility to encourage the reporting of medical quality adverse events]

National Health Commission in October announced “medical quality management approach”, since November 1, 2016 implementation. “Measures” requirements, the establishment of medical institutions, medical security and risk management system. Encourage medical institutions and medical staff to voluntarily report medical quality (safety) adverse events, promote information sharing and continuous improvement.

“Approach” requires a clear medical quality management responsibility for the main body, organizational forms, working mechanisms and key links. Clear medical institutions is the responsibility of the main quality of medical care, medical institutions, the main person in charge of medical quality management is the first responsible person.

[Corporate violations issued by the unified invoice sales of motor vehicles will be included in the “blacklist”]

The State Administration of Taxation issued on September 27 “on the implementation of illegal sales of motor vehicles issued a unified invoice list of motor vehicle public notice system,” the decision to issue a unified motor vehicle sales invoices issued by the motor vehicle business list publicity system. The “Notice” from November 1 will come into effect.

“Notice”, said the State Administration of Taxation will be irregular publicity issued by the motor vehicle sales invoices unified list of motor vehicle business, the list of information can be in the State Administration of Taxation website. Motor vehicle enterprises, including motor vehicle manufacturers and motor vehicle distribution business.

The motor vehicle enterprise shall be classified as “blacklist” if the following circumstances occur: the invoice is not issued more than 2 times (including 2 times), or the case is serious; the same motor vehicle is not sold according to the full price and the extra cost charged by the actual sale of the motor vehicle; Illegal invoices issued by motor vehicle sales at the same time, and then issued other value-added tax invoices caused by the purchase of vehicle tax less than 2 times (including 2 times) or the circumstances are serious; other violations of the invoice management requirements caused by the purchase tax More than 2 times (including 2 times) or the circumstances are serious.

[Central government basic scientific research business expense management new regulations carry out]

Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education recently announced that “the central university basic scientific research business fee management approach” since November 1 from the formal implementation. The management method is clear: the basic scientific research expenses of the central colleges and universities are in support of the independent research work of the central colleges and universities. The use of this course includes: supporting young teachers under the age of 40 to enhance basic scientific research ability; supporting outstanding students in universities to enhance scientific research and innovation ability; Team building; to carry out interdisciplinary basic, supportive and strategic research; to strengthen the basic work of science and technology.

The administrative measures stipulate that the basic scientific research business expenses shall not be used for the salaries, bonuses, subsidies and welfare expenses of the employees with wage income; the large-scale instruments and equipment of more than 400,000 yuan shall not be purchased; the public administration and running costs of the schools shall not be apportioned; Shall not be used to repay loans, pay fines, donations, sponsorship, investment and other expenses; nor shall not be used in accordance with state regulations shall not be charged for other expenses.

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