North Korean submarine-launched missiles falling into Japanese air defense identification zone Abe: unforgivable atrocities

The Japanese government announced on the 24th, the same day around 5:29 in the morning, North Korea fired a suspected ballistic missile towards the Sea of Japan. North Korea’s missile flight to the eastern part of the peninsula, to enter the Japanese air defense identification zone of about 80km, and finally landed on the sea.

According to Japan’s “Yomiuri Shimbun” reported on the 24th, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on the 24th morning on the DPRK missile launch behavior, said North Korea fired a ballistic missile submarine-launched in Japan fell for the first time air defense identification circle. This is a major threat to Japan’s security is formed, seriously damaging the peace and stability of the region, violence is inexcusable.

24, according to Yonhap news, submarine-launched missiles to the waters east of the Korean peninsula emitted flew about 500km, is so far North Korea test-fired a submarine-launched missiles in the longest distance flown. Some analysts believe that North Korea may move was a protest against the Korea-US joint military exercises.

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