Official media: the table for the good faith to allow the Philippine fishermen to Huangyan Island to catch a few grouper

Editorial: China should take the olive branch out of Duttert

Philippine President Duttett today began his visit to China. The visit was almost unimaginable more than three months ago, when the Philippines and China were sharply opposed to the South China Sea issue and were the initiators of the South China Sea arbitration, a key pillar of the US “Asia-Pacific rebalancing” strategy. Duttett replaced Aquino III as president of the Philippines and changed all that. He made a new gesture of a turning point in Sino-Philippine relations and regional strategy, widely regarded as a possible change in the nature of the game.

Dutte’s dare to say, dare to do, dare to leave a strong impression to the world, he took the initiative to extend an olive branch to China, since China took office as ASEAN since the first country, and previously published a lot Is considered impossible to come from the mouth of the President of the Philippines to show good words to China. Now it depends on how the Chinese take over his olive branch.

Since taking office, Mr Duttle has re-ordered the priorities of the Philippines, drawing public attention away from the South China Sea to the pressing problems of domestic governance. He launched a comprehensive anti-drug, emphasizing infrastructure and people’s livelihood, in order to develop relations with China has pursued a policy to dilute the South China Sea arbitration. He also advocated Manila’s independent foreign rights and its opposition to US attempts to over-control the Philippines, all of which led to his disagreement with the United States. He announced the suspension of the United States and the United States cruise and military exercise, this decision is particularly shocking.

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