Park Geun-hye and Putin held talks with Russia against the “Sad” stance unchanged

South Korean President Park Geun-hye held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Russian Far East 3rd Vladivostok, the main issues surrounding the economic and trade cooperation and the Korean nuclear issue. South Korean media reported that North Korea does not allow as much as possible to highlight Korea and Russia hold nuclear common position, but in fact the “Sad” problem parties still have differences. South Korean media predicted that Park Geun-hye would like to take “North Korean threat” to convince China and Russia agreed to deploy “Sad”, which is basically a “mission impossible.”

According to Yonhap reported Thursday Russia summit in South Korea, Park Geun-hye and Putin reaffirmed “not tolerate North Korea possess nuclear” position and agreed to resolve the nuclear issue to further strengthen strategic communication. Park Geun-hye said that North Korea continued nuclear testing, nuclear capability continued to be enhanced and further the development of the DPRK submarine-launched ballistic missiles, which South Korea is “a matter of life and death issue.” Analysis, Park Geun-hye words indirectly indicate deployment of the “Sad” is the position of defensive measures. Putin said that the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue should ease military in Northeast Asia, within the framework of the political tensions to be resolved, for which the parties shall endeavor to ease military confrontation.

Korea Niuxi Si news agency said the results show that South Korea Russia summit, the two sides did not narrow the differences in opinion “Sade” problem. Although Putin clearly against North Korea possessed nuclear weapons, but also stressed that all parties should strive to reduce military confrontation. Some analysts believe that Putin’s remarks actually expressed do not want an arms race on the Korean peninsula’s position, also in the roundabout express opposition to “Sad” in Korean deployment. Cheong Wa Dae official said South Korea, Park Geun-hye to Putin stressed the “North Korea abandon its nuclear program, South Korea is no need Sade” point of view, this is the first time Park Geun-hye mention “conditional on the deployment of Sade”, intended to urge Russia to abandon its nuclear program in North Korea play a bigger role. South Korea, “Central Daily” that Park Geun-hye push “conditional Sad deployment of” a strategy.
“Korean national news,” said an editorial published on the 4th, the United States, South Korea and Russia summit held on 3 May at the same time failed to find a solution on the export “Sade” issue and the Korean nuclear issue, the contradiction between the Korean peninsula is further immobilized . Park Geun-hye stressed that North Korea should sanctions and pressure, but Putin hopes to persuade North Korea to return to the path of negotiation. Although Russia and South Korea summit talks after both sides did not speak publicly about “Sad” problem, but one thing is clear, that Russia opposes “Sade” position has not changed.

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