People’s Daily: There are too dues members do not pay too deliberately dragging

“Pay a membership fee also so much trouble, not to all direct deduction from wages, and more to save time ah!” Friends reminders unit recently membership dues, too computationally complex heart the moment he complained. Friends said this joke, although ingredients, but also reflects the moment when some party members pay dues existing problems. Some members do not pay dues consciousness, no one does not take the initiative to urge cross; some feel that pay membership dues is small, also forgot to pay normal; there’s too dues do not pay too deliberately dragging ……

Some time ago, in Shanxi province regulated firms confiscated dues self-correction work, a total of 22 state-owned enterprises to pay dues of more than 80 million yuan; and Tianjin, there are 66 state-owned enterprises, more than 120,000 party members and cadres in the special rectification work pay your dues CPC membership dues make up arrears to pay less 277 million yuan, of which pay less member of the party over many state-owned enterprises in the senior leadership, and some cases can be traced to non-payment of membership dues in 2008. Subsequently, the central SASAC Party fourteenth inspection teams to patrol feedback special case noted that “Some members Constitution Party regulations sense of apathy, do not strictly enforce the party system is not required to pay dues.” In fact, do not pay, less pay membership dues not only in state-owned enterprises, the same situation also occurred in institutions and even in the party and government organs.

Consciousness, on time, in full and pay membership dues is the bounden duty of party members. Constitution clearly stated that all party members must pay membership dues, if members do not pay for 6 months membership dues, is considered to be their own defections. The emphasis on time pay membership dues, an important reason that the membership fee is a manifestation of Party Spirit, which carries the party loyalty of party members, party members and sense of identity and its mission to play. Consciously handed over on time membership fee, members can show constantly aware of “who I am.” Conversely, if a party member does not pay membership dues long time, it will gradually lose the true nature of Party members, as some step by step slide into the abyss of crimes, is not surprising.

For the Party, the Party membership dues career, one of the essential activities of Party organizations funding. In the founding and early years of the Revolutionary War, the party membership dues development and expansion of economic security. As one of the main founders of the Communist Party of China, Li Dazhao once turned over for most of the salary dues and dissemination of Marxist doctrine activity overhead. And many did not forget the martyrs dying in him only the money to pay for membership dues …… can say that the success of the revolution and the growth of the party’s development is inseparable from the vast number of party members handed dues support. Peace, dues also played an important role. Seventy-one year ago, the Central Organization Department on the 680 national poverty counties in tube dues allocated 116 million yuan, help people out of poverty. In addition, membership dues also for disaster relief, condolence sick members and so on.

Either for personal or party organizations, the pay membership dues have a very important significance. Turned on membership dues, proletarian revolutionaries made a brilliant model for future generations. Zhou Enlai from allowing people and pay membership dues, he said, an important military and political affairs, pay membership dues is also very important, it is the obligation of every party member. Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao also pay three “special membership dues” to pay up to 7,000 yuan a total pay 14,000 yuan. Deng Yingchao before his death entrust the people around, to all of her savings 11146.95 yuan, including purchase of 550 yuan treasury bonds, all used to pay membership dues.

Chu from certificates of deposit of the twenty thousand yuan, “leaving no child cross party organization”; to Founding Major General Li 200,000 yuan turned over to the right during his lifetime membership dues, “I am like a blade of grass, but never reported kindness of the Party”; then long ago Anhui Qimen centenarians Huqiu Yan special membership dues to pay 20,000 yuan, “motherland pro, ‘keep’ me 99 years. I also trained the party 60 years, I should pay special membership dues” …… although they are in different years experience different, but pay membership dues regarded very seriously, with a heart of Santa Claus, do not forget the party well, and always maintain the party’s Chi Cheng.

See the world in a grain of sand. Dues, though small, but there is much. Pay do not pay membership dues like a mirror, reflecting the Communist Party adhere to the faith and feelings of low depth. Right now, the “two learn to do a” study and education are all party members in depth, how to become a qualified party members? You may try to consciously make full and timely payment of dues to start.

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