Philippine President Duttett: This visit to China plans to buy weapons

Philippine President Duttett, in an exclusive interview with Phoenix confirmed that last week’s just-concluded US-Philippine amphibious landing exercise will be his last US-Philippine joint military exercise, the future does not rule out the Philippines or will be held Philippine military exercise. He also disclosed that one of the agenda of the visit is to explore the possibility of buying weapons to China.

Duttett in an interview with Taiwan confirmed that last week’s just-concluded US-Philippine amphibious landing exercise will be his last US-Philippine joint military exercises, but the future does not rule out the Philippines or the Philippines will be held in military exercises .

Phoenix Reporter: Mr. President, the end of last week’s US-Philippine amphibious landing exercise will be your last term?

Duttett: Yes, this is the last time, because it has been planned. I do not want my soldiers to be humiliated because they may be accused. This is not their fault, I hope to avoid this situation. But this will be the last. You know the United States only gave us two planes, no weapons. They gave us planes, but the missiles and rockets were not under the wings, and there were 3,000 PLA planes in front of us. Which side do you think I will stand on when the war breaks out? On my coast there were 3,000 jets, and I had only two planes without weapons. Do you want me to go to war? Practice with the United States will make our cooperation more perfect? What is more perfect? This is the perfect chance to die.

Phoenix Reporter: that the Philippines or the prospect of joint Russian-Russian military exercises?

Duttett: Yes, I will agree. I’ve given enough time for American and Philippine soldiers to practice. If only the exercise, and let my soldiers practice the use of new armaments, it can, especially for terrorism exercises.

Duttle also revealed that China hopes to provide loans or aid to the Philippines in the form of weapons, which will deal with the Philippine domestic security issues and counter-terrorism has been of great help.

Phoenix Reporter: So you plan to buy weapons to the Chinese side, will also be one of the agenda to visit China?

Duttett: Yes, but not a lot. We must buy and re-adjust the arms program. Means that the complete elimination of existing weapons, the purchase of new barrels, because they are old. There are ships, we need a small fast boat, can be used to combat terrorism. If China does not support us, we will have a hard time fighting terrorism. No equipment, no monitoring capabilities, no interception weapons, it will be … … can not say that the failure of the battle, but it will be a very difficult task, can not be completed in time.

In addition, Duttle also said that China hopes to really help him develop the Philippines, to improve the lives of the Philippine people.

Duttett: My country is very poor. I have to do something during my six-year presidency. I have to prove to the Filipino people that they have not wasted their votes and that they can expect to see an improvement in my six-year term. I do not expect a miracle to happen, but perhaps the miracle of my prayer is that China will decide to really help us and keep going. Help us strengthen the country, at least let the Philippine nationals can eat.

Phoenix Satellite TV, Manila, Philippines

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