Police arrested the suspects who died in the 21 soldiers killed the streets of the masses off

Zhao Tianyu martyrs memorial meeting held in Huinan, more than 10,000 people took to the streets, sent him the last one of the provincial party secretary Bayin Zhao, governor Liu Guozhong, the Ministry of Public Security Party Committee, political director Xia Chongyuan, provincial Party committee, Secretary of the Politics and Law Committee Jin Zhenji, vice governor, director of the Public Security Bureau Hu Jiafu and other leaders pay tribute, Hu Jiafu to attend the memorial service, and condolences to the families of martyrs

This group of pictures of new culture reporter Guo Liangzhao daughter gently kissed her mother’s cheek, comfort she must hold on

“Child, the fifteenth is also on duty?” “Mom, son for fifteen days to go home to accompany you to eat dumplings, we have a good reunion!

This is the first month of the fourteenth day, Tonghua City, Fenan County Shidaohe police station deputy director Zhao Tianyu and the old mother of the last call content. On the same day, he was in the implementation of the task with the suspects to start desperate struggle, the body 21 knife, heroic sacrifice … …

Yesterday 6 am, Hui Nan County funeral home farewell room solemnly, low wandering sadness hit the presence of everyone’s heart. In the crocodile and flowers surrounded by the loyalty of the Republic of the guard Zhao Tianyu lying, grief of his loved ones and his comrades around him, and the 43-year-old man for the final farewell.

Yesterday morning at 10 o’clock, Zhao Tianyu martyrs memorial meeting held in Huinan County workers Cultural Palace was held. More than half of the crowd braved the cold weather took to the streets, send him the last way.

Vice governor of the Party Committee of the Public Security Bureau, Director Hu Jiafu, Deputy Secretary-General of China Public Security Police Ying Biwei, Bi Yuqian, Secretary of Tonghua Municipal Committee Jin Yuhui, Mayor Liu Huawen, Liu Peizhu, Deputy Director of Provincial Public Security Bureau, Tang Wenzhong, Deputy Director of Provincial Civil Affairs Department And other leaders and the relevant departments of the Provincial Public Security Bureau, Tonghua municipal government and the county government leaders, municipal and county levels of public security organs to attend the memorial service. Provincial Party Committee Secretary Ba Shengzhao Lu, Governor Liu Guozhong, the Ministry of Public Security Party Committee members, political department director Xia Chongyuan, Provincial Standing Committee, Provincial Politics and Law Committee Secretary Jin Zhenji, vice governor, Public Security Bureau Director Hu Jiafu and other leaders wreath.

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