Private car can be converted to standard network operators about cars

According to the New Deal, a private car must be translated into operational service network about cars carried in accordance with conditions and procedures. Does this mean that car operating fully opened its doors to the private car?

From a policy point of view itself, as long as the three basic conditions, namely 7 and below passenger car, a vehicle installed with satellite positioning device having a recording function, emergency alarm device; vehicle safety-related technical performance in line with operational requirements, on this basis, , the seat of the taxi service administrative departments can be combined with local conditions to determine the specific criteria and operational requirements of the vehicle. Meet the requirements to be registered in the public security organs to hire reservation passenger, and achieved “Network reservation taxi transport permits.”

Attempt transportation experts said that this expression does not refer to private vehicles can openly engage in operations after the ministerial decree to meet the basic conditions, according to the law by the program into the vehicle operator of the vehicle, will it be possible to meet the conditions car operation.

Government departments to develop the country but also the corresponding threshold depending on local circumstances. “Conditions include vehicles, vehicle properties, there will be more detailed specifications, perhaps in some places it does not allow access to a private car platform operators.” He said the contents of the ministerial decree only had access to a minimum standard, which is a framework of requirements.

Director of the Institute of Comprehensive Transportation Development and Reform Commission Chengshi Dong also said that after the operation of private cars into the car, the vehicle driving permit to take non-commercial nature of the change of operators, the vehicle actually is not private cars to be scrapped in accordance with standard operating vehicles scrapped.

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