Reduced Proportion of Drugs

(Reporter Liu Jiaying) drug accounting is too high, the burden on patients, has always been the main focus of public hospital reform. September 18, the State Weijuweidian Ministry of Finance issued a document to strictly control the unreasonable growth of medical expenses, part of the pilot counties of the proportion of public hospital drugs (excluding Chinese medicine Pieces) should be reduced to about 30% To about 90%.

According to the official website of the State Planning Commission, the State Council issued in 2015, “on the comprehensive implementation of the comprehensive reform of county-level public hospitals,” and now to the second half of 2016, there is still uneven progress across the reform can be The mechanism of continuous operation is not fully established.

To this end, the State Planning Commission and the Ministry of Finance said that the next country all counties (cities) to cancel the drug addition, the implementation of disease-based payment, a variety of payment methods combined Medicare payment reform, to achieve Income from medical services (excluding drugs, consumables and large equipment inspection income) increased the proportion of total business income, the proportion of patients to pay their own medical expenses accounted for the decline in total medical expenses.

In addition to pilot counties in Qidong City of Jiangsu Province and Tianchang City of Anhui Province, counties (districts) need to choose 3-5 counties (cities) as demonstration counties to promote the “three medical linkage” reform. In some pilot counties, the proportion of public hospital drugs should be reduced to about 30%, 100 yuan medical income (excluding drug income) consumption of health materials costs fell to 20 yuan.

In addition, according to the State Council last year to develop a comprehensive reform of county-level public hospitals pilot program, each county (city) to run 1-2 county-level public hospitals, on this basis to explore the transformation of public hospitals restructuring, and relax the social capital Access to the scope of the social security point, focus on specialist construction, job evaluation, hospital evaluation and other aspects of non-public medical institutions and public medical institutions to implement the same treatment policy.

In this regard, the University of International Business and Economics, China Center for Economic Development researcher Cao Jian told reporters that the new government of the county public hospital reform is still the overall idea of public hospital-led, even if the documents to support social capital to organize medical institutions, the final county Class medical services will still be monopolized by public hospitals.

“As long as the county-level public hospitals as a monopoly, there is still no competitive power and vitality.” Cao Jian believes that the monopoly of public hospitals at the county level does not eliminate, even if the proportion of drugs to reduce, strengthen the regulatory mechanism to drug support medical problems or no way From the fundamental solution, the patient still had to pay for unnecessary medical expenses.

Cao Jian also said that the Government now protects patients with basic medical services approach, or stressed that public hospitals should be allocated to the financial investment. However, in many other countries in the world, the means to provide basic medical services have actually been transformed into purchasing services, that is, whether public hospitals or private hospitals, as long as the provision of basic medical services, government, health insurance to pay the corresponding costs, which will help Fair competition in the medical services market.

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