Rio Olympics: Chinese women’s volleyball national idol nothing deserved

Rio Olympic Games closing, the delegation of China Olympic Games with 26 gold medals, 18 silver, 26 bronze score ranked third in the medals table, the delegation of the United States ranked first, 43 medals and no one can score, ranking the delegation of the United Kingdom to make two sport impressive 27 gold medals, medals second highest score in the country Olympic record.

Medals hold the first three positions only Chinese Olympic delegation bottom line results, rounds of “planned gold” in the international competition was snatched opponent to prove to China from a Major Sports sports power forward will still take time.

See hope, sum up experience, to face lack of self-correction is the only direction of Chinese sports delegation out of the woods.

Three Surprise

Return to top of the world, Chinese women’s volleyball team to its name

1984 and 2004, the Chinese women’s volleyball Olympic Games twice stood on the highest podium, old five consecutive women’s volleyball team was a great honor, and later to Feng Kun, Zhou Suhong as the representative of the “golden generation” is also highly sought after.

Chinese women’s volleyball team is the only one China in the Olympic Games gold medal to get the collective team, but also China’s three major goals at the Olympic stadium on the benchmark and flag – two golden medal of honor to the Chinese women’s volleyball team is more pressure .

Although the champion at last year’s World Cup, but Lang Ping led the Chinese women’s volleyball team in this year’s Olympic Games is not to win the absolute strength. Compared to Brazil, the United States and Serbia these aggressive offensive team, the Chinese women’s volleyball team can only play in the field of 100% sorted out before the opponent Bai Bai wrist. Group stage wins and three defeats in the fourth group record barely in the top eight results far from ideal, but let the group stage defeat Chinese women’s volleyball completely put down the burden, 1/4 final against Brazil, played the Olympic Games the most soul-stirring of an exciting game.

Lang Ping summoned 12 players full mobilization of those firms opponents, Brazilian fans in the audience boos and hooting sound, the Chinese women’s volleyball team struggled to 3:2 eliminated host semifinals.

The next game the same thrilling semi-final victory over the Netherlands 3:1, the score gap between each game are only two points. Zhu Ting, Hui Qi, Wei Chiu …… Chinese women’s volleyball girls all dog eat dog in the field. The latter broke into the finals, face first into the Olympic women’s volleyball finals of the European upstart Serbian women’s volleyball team, earlier lost a Bureau, the Chinese women’s volleyball girls burst of energy to shock the world, to suppress the other major Offence Mikhailovich offensive, repeatedly forcing the opponent turnovers. Chinese women’s volleyball team finally beat his opponent 3 to 1, stand on top of the Olympic Games again 12 years later.

Young 90 even after 95 has become the main force of Chinese women’s volleyball team, a new generation of Chinese women’s volleyball women’s volleyball team inherited the old fighting spirit, they also use their own way to re-interpretation of the women’s volleyball team spirit: a difficult time united will never give up, brave victory and defeat. Close to victory, everyone showed enough courage and the courage to fight for every point calmly.

Off the podium, everything from scratch, take the opportunity to promote the development of Chinese volleyball, Chinese women’s volleyball team is the lifeblood of eternity.

Both couples holding gold, Chinese taekwondo team good pairs

Chinese taekwondo team most only a single Olympics won two gold medals and one gold medal each, are almost unanimous choice under pressure from the loves – – 2000 Sydney Olympics, taekwondo has been listed as an official project, the first of Chen record, won China’s first Olympic taekwondo gold; the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Chen difficult to defend, Luo Wei blockbuster; the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2012 London Olympics, WuJingYu twice with gold, so that Chinese taekwondo team to Olympic gold medals 5.

Rio Olympic Games this year, led by Wu Jing Yu played in the quarter-final upset loss to 18-year-old Serbian teenager Bogdan Norwich, missed the championship battle, but people thought Chinese taekwondo team this upcoming Olympic journey when crop failure, has been “Weak” Taekwondo team gave a great surprise the audience: men’s 58 kg class teenager Zhao Shuai No. 8 seed, downing finals to face another “dark horse” Thai players Hampshire Rabbi without mercy, and ultimately the Chinese men’s taekwondo team gold medal.

Zhao Shuai brings surprises has not been fully digested his girlfriend Shu Cheng tone in the women’s 67kg final to 5:1 victory over Mexico players Espinosa, winning a gold medal – Chinese taekwondo team collectively exclaim this is “the great power of love.”

But everyone knows, rely on the power of love, two people in any case will not stand on top of the world, threw himself into training, mutual supervision, Zaikuzailei Olympic dream desperately insisted, is the couple both holding gold foundation.

Heroine “fly together”, Chinese bicycle to achieve a breakthrough

Rio Olympic Games Track Cycling Women’s Team Sprint, Gong Jinjie / bell Angel with 32 seconds 107 achievements in the championship battle force Keqiang Di Russian team won the gold medal, which is the first medal in Olympic history on Chinese bicycles gold medal.

Before the game, we all know some did not end, because the windows pierce this layer of paper, the Chinese cycling team waited for nearly 10 years.

2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Guo Shuang in the Cycling Track Women’s Sprint Bronze, bronze medal to make ambitious Chinese cycling team completely understand the gap between themselves and the high-level teams in the world; the 2012 London Olympic Games, China Bicycle team to the gold medal again initiate impact, but Guo Shuang and Gong Jinjie results were canceled referee, not a big country bike bicycle power.

However, it failed to make Gong Jinjie confidence more powerful, her younger partner into the bell of the Angels, in this session was on about Olympic Cycling Track Sprint, the two Chinese girls perfect performance “conquer” the referee, bicycle tall and big country can finally hang While filling gaps in the history of the gold medal.

A painted “Mu Guiying” helmet, painted a “Mulan” helmet, bike two Chinese heroine in this image is full of Chinese elements into the Olympic stadium and the game to achieve the Chinese people’s bike long-cherished wish.

Three surprised

Badminton women’s doubles thirty-four players battle coach contradict event

Olympic women’s doubles bronze medal match, China’s combination of Yu Yang / Tang Yuanting to 8:21,17:21 score lost to South Korea combined Jung Kyung-eun / liter Shin-chan, Olympic badminton women’s doubles final fourth.

Chinese badminton team in the Olympic program, the target in the ocean / Tang Yuanting the women’s doubles gold medal, fourth place finish does have some difficult to accept – but make fans even more difficult to accept is that this second game China combined to 7: 11 behind when intermittent pause, Yu Yang on the sidelines of the coach Tian Bingyi guidance furious, yelling after the sentence, put in the hands of bitter towel fell to the ground, the audience uproar, stunned public opinion.

Yu Yang emotional outbursts, almost irrational, as she said after the game, did not enter the finals after losing the semi-finals, she was very “Wohuo” thirty-four battle playing ring true, which leads to rage.

However, in any case, to control their emotions relating to self-cultivation of athletes in the top Olympic arena, athlete represents the highest level of the sport, also on behalf of the country’s image, not playing wind ball, I feel we should throw the towel ring true, not champion style.

Not to mention the Chinese badminton team is no lack of heavyweight champion of the world, and even in the ocean himself, are already and Du Jing won the women’s doubles gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games budding, as Sanchaoyuanlao Olympic Games in the arena contradict coach vent their dissatisfaction, real It should not belong.

Current Rio Olympic Games in China badminton team’s overall performance is poor, men’s singles and men’s doubles gold medals could not conceal the team’s internal problems – Fu Haifeng and lindane admirable, because the two men in the field no matter what the face of difficulties, will hard to play well, so it seems, the Chinese badminton team needs deep reflection management mechanism.

Today the former glory of abjection Chinese gymnastics defeat Rio

Olympic Games has always been low-key but strong gold strength of the Chinese gymnastics team, this trip to Rio’s eye-popping.

Beijing Olympic Games, Chinese gymnastics team won nine medals, perhaps relying on the home advantage, but the London Olympics, the Chinese gymnastics team 4 gold, 3 silver, 1 bronze medals, is still outstanding responses, especially the most important component of the men’s team final, China gymnastics team boys “zero error” to complete the whole action, the defending force Keqiang Di, is one of the benchmark gymnastics insurmountable.

However, at the Rio Olympics, the Chinese gymnastics team did not get a gold medal, the men’s team and women’s team by just two bronze facade barely shore, but two bronze medals on the World Championship plastered Hall of Fame Chinese gymnastics team in terms of more like a spur.

The gap is so large, the Chinese gymnastics team where is the problem?

Badminton team and management issues are different, the gap between Chinese gymnastics team’s performance in more technical terms and concepts.

When the Chinese Olympic delegation summary, the State Sports Minister Liu Peng said: “The rapid increase of the level and trend of rapid development in the world of competitive sports, our in-depth understanding and timely judgments, exchange of learning is not enough, some of the training project ideas and innovative approaches lack of management measures are not sufficiently tight. many projects rules significant change from race to see, we have a thorough understanding is not enough, not enough to deal with properly. ”

This summary is worth pondering and reflection Chinese gymnastics team – World Gymnastics level of development of fast, gymnastics rules and referees aesthetic criteria are constantly revised, Chinese gymnastics team only strengthen international exchanges and develop an international perspective, in order to ensure the return of the world gymnastics power list.

National idol nothing, Ning Zetao scores drop

National idol, the highly anticipated swimming “Superstar” Ning Zetao, at the Rio Olympics in almost total defeat image exit –2015 years Ning Zetao Swimming World Championships in Kazan soar despite 47 seconds 84 results not personal bests, but the title of the men’s 100 meters freestyle champion, so he created a new Asian record of swimming, it is also in this year, Ning Zetao rapidly popular in the streets, as long as thousands of fans see Ning Zetao appearance will be excited.

In fact, the problem is not simply Ning Zetao appear at the Rio Olympics – the last July about “swimming center to conceal the Ning Zetao participate in the Rio Olympics,” the message began circulating in the industry, the reason let outsiders feel inexplicable surprise: Ning Zetao private access ads and advertisers is the official sponsor of the national swimming team competitors. When swimming center requirements Ning Zetao withdraw the ad and apologize, Ning Zetao tough stance not from the firm.

The outside world public opinion Aquatics Center management system rigidity, excessive deduction for athletes, but the choice before the competition rules of the challenge, Ning Zetao approach is very defective. And Ning Zetao is to submit application for retirement, due to health reasons said they do not want to continue training.

As “soar” social platform darling, Ning Zetao no longer as a mere athlete only around coaches and teammates, advertisers, brokers and various entertainment producers, almost all of the day to show Ning Zetao a variety of promotional programs, 23-year-old Ning Zetao, under this surrounded, naturally easy to get lost.

Players do not have the performance guarantee, the limelight is just gone. To put aside the distractions continue to participate in the pool, or turning back towards a new life, Ning Zetao left China sports thinking is not over yet.

Summary 2016 Rio Olympics, Outlook 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, another Olympic cycle placed in front of Chinese Competitive Sports – With the community “only gold medal on” and “Only Happy theory” speculation more depth and Chinese competitive sports system the core also will be able to amend the details of four years as one day of training for athletes just boring routine. Four years later, Tokyo Olympic Games, Chinese sports delegation is bound to encounter greater difficulties, and want to solve problems, let the flag fly high in the Olympic Games, so that the national anthem at the Olympic stadium loud echo, Chinese sports rely only be focus on competitive sports itself willing to put all their energy sports selfless devotee.

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