Shaanxi enterprises not to complete the performance of employees in public eating live bread worms

Hanzhong City, labor inspection department said that this is a corporal punishment, is an offense

What are the penalties for non-performance of employees? Recently, Hanzhong decoration by the 10 building materials, home furnishing companies set up a sales alliance resorted to trick: to complete the self-set goals, public life to live bread worms, with red wine.

Site: five or six employees to accept punishment to eat insects

At 8:30 on November 8, in the central square of downtown Hanzhong, fifty or sixty uniforms wearing a yellow vest, holding the advertising page of the young men and women together, next to a speaker and also placed more than 10 ads brand. Each person has a stack of publicity in the hands of color pages, which read “one-stop shop to buy building materials, home”, “two-person free travel to Thailand,” and so forth.

Soon, a man wearing glasses arrived on the scene, and brought two plastic bags, one containing disposable chopsticks, cups and two bottles of white wine; and another bag, opened only to find a pile is also In the peristalsis of the breadworm. Point name, the man announced the completion of the objectives and tasks of the staff list.

Then the man took out the white wine poured into the cup, with chopsticks into the white glass of bread worms. Unfinished business performance of the staff will be a bubble of bread into the mouth of the liquor. When the announcement came to a pregnant female staff approached the “punishment”, the woman said, “I can not eat insects, wine can not drink, unless you do not want a child.

See women do not want to drink, a leading appearance of the man approached for her to drink a bubble of white wine. At this time, onlookers more and more people, many people have come up with a cell phone photographed this scene. A total of five or six people in turn drink the insects of white wine, accept the punishment.

Staff: had also eaten raw squid, ants

Site wearing a yellow vest staff said that they 10 home building materials company set up a “love family alliance”, every morning they have to report the day the amount of tasks, if the day can not be completed, the next afternoon will be punished. “Today (8th) is raw breadworm, less a customer, eat four bread worms. Bread worms are bought in the bird market.” Another employee said that eating bread worms is only part of the punishment, “Before we have someone Eat raw squid, ants. ”

“The staff did not complete the self-set sales targets, I have a responsibility, it should be punished.” One of the merchants responsible for eating bread worms because we did not complete the task, but all are voluntary punitive, which is a Special incentives.

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