Sichuan: violation of human rights and unmanned bitch policy (male citizens over 18 years of age must be registered military service)

Refuse to perform

Consequences can be severe:


Can not participate in civil service, public institutions and state-owned enterprises and other units of the recruitment examination


Can not go abroad for formalities


Can not obtain diploma


Can not apply for college admission, further education procedures


Can not do ID cards, residence booklet, driver’s license


Can not apply for bank loans


Can not buy tickets, high-speed rail tickets


Can not enjoy social security

Recently, the Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporter learned from the Provincial Recruitment Office, the Provincial Department of Education, the Provincial Public Security Department, the Provincial Health Commission, Provincial Recruitment Office jointly issued the “Sichuan Provincial Military Registration Implementation Measures” (the “Measures”). “Measures” clear, the object of military service registration for the year December 31 that year before the age of 18 years of age male citizens of age (including the province’s full-time college students). “Although the registration of military service does not mean that must be to the military service, but military service registration is mandatory.If the eligible citizens refused to register, may be subject to administrative penalties, serious will be held accountable.”

After the registration to the household registration to confirm the verification site

This reporter learned that the “method” clearly the purpose of military service registration, the scope of the object, timing, implementation procedures, functional division of labor, legal responsibility and so on.

“Measures” that the registration of military service is consistent with the age of military service for the registration of citizens, the law is a military service system, the purpose is to master the quality of the number of age-appropriate citizens and distribution, find out the political, physical and age-appropriate citizens Cultural status, according to the law to determine the application, exemption, postponement, not solicitation and other conclusions, and selected from the pre-emptive object, to prepare for the annual conscription work.

“Measures” clear, the object of military service registration for the year December 31 that year before the age of 18 years of age male citizens of age (including the province’s full-time college students). Registration of military service begins on 1 January and ends on 30 June. The eligible citizens of the military enlistment conditions, registered “National Recruitment Network” ( for military service registration to the location of the military registration of military service to carry out on-site confirmation or verification, college students in The school location military service registration station for on-site confirmation or verification.

Sichuan to implement military service registration inspection system

“Measures” provides that the province of school-age citizens of military service registration inspection system. Ordinary institutions of higher learning in the registration process for new students and students in the school year electronic registration, the general senior secondary schools, secondary vocational schools in the school graduation students, the relevant departments in the process of citizenship card, residence booklet, driver ‘s license, ) Formalities and other related procedures, should check the age of civil military service registration, not to register, should promptly urge them to perform military service registration obligations, and inform the county military service organs.

The Measures also pointed out that male citizens who meet the conditions for registration of military service refuse to evade the registration of military service and the people’s government at the county level shall order them to make corrections within a prescribed time limit. If they fail to do so, they shall be enrolled in the military service registration and be given the “Military Service Law” and the relevant provisions. Administrative and economic penalties, the circumstances are serious according to the law to pursue legal responsibility.

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