Silver case suspect confession: after the first attempted theft was wrecked Department crime murder

Lunar July 15, the day of the grave, which is the most green town moat village last saw 52 year-old Gao Cheng Yong. He smiled and everyone in a word, hot days, he ate half a watermelon.

Ten days later, he became the silver serial murder suspect.

Informed sources, the police investigation of the case by the chromosome Y-DNA test found the Gao family Kawamura city crime suspects, one by one input fingerprint.

When the extraction of high Cheng Yong fingerprints and DNA, he showed panic.

Police scene fingerprints and DNA will match back, and soon found his fingerprints and crime scene fingerprint highly consistent, implementation of the arrest.

After his arrest, high Cheng Yong confessed to the crime. But he confessed that his first crime, theft and attempted murder.

He testified that the first case of attempted murder was theft

August 28, close to the police sources told the Beijing News, was arrested after a high-Cheng Yong statement to the police motive, saying that the first case is due to attempted theft, was wrecked victims before killing.

The first case occurred in at 17:00 on May 26th 1988, 23 year-old female silver company workers killed in a silver white area Yongfeng Street home. The pretty girl, was at the time of the workers called “white shoes.”

Police inquest found that “white shoes” neck is cut blouse pushed to the top of the breasts, naked lower body, upper body a total of 26 stab wounds. ”

This year, the year of birth is the eldest son of a high Cheng Yong.

High Cheng Yong cousin Branch for high recalled, Gao parents in the 1980s died, there is a high Cheng Yong brother.

Economic conditions of the family has been poor. High Cheng Yong Zhang and his wife married, no ceremony, hastily put a few tables wine. After they married, the couple’s economic situation has not changed.

When Zhang confinement, high Cheng Yong should take care of his wife at home, taking care of farm work, but he had disappeared.

Zhang did not have to eat, no one to take care of, had screaming Tangsao separated by a wall, barely steamed bun points satiety.

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